ME 1 Tick Harpy


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May 8, 2019
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ME 1 Tick Harpy (No M. Pen Food / Int A|B)

  • Agav
  • Sealed Apoc
  • Ultraman
  • Light Fairy (Later)
  • Arcane 3 on Boots and Undershirt
  • Matk on all other parts

  • Lv14 M. Pen, Lv14 Holy Damage, Lv5 Ignore Mdef.

  • From June in Discord

Some Notes on ME
  • ME only works on Undead Element and Demon Race. It won't work on Undead Race ie. Injustice. For ME to work on other races, you will need to have the Rune ME Mastery.
  • ME has a VCT of 8s and FCT of 1s. To be able to remove VCT, you will need to have a total of 240 dex. But Nemesis has a built in 25% VCT redux for ME so you will only need 180 dex in total. To further reduce the Dex requirement, you can use additional VCT gears such as Angry Snarl/Isis Pet.
  • The 1s FCT of ME can bereduced by using Orleans Gown +Orleans Necklace Set (20% FCT Redux if Gown is Max Tier and +15 otherwise, just 15% FCT redux), Sacrament (25% FCT Redux), and Dark Illusion Card (-0.25s FCT).
  • Cast Delay of ME is 4s but can be reduced by ME Mastery Runes, Comprehend, and Cast Delay Food. Total Reduction with 5 star food + Runes + Comprehend = 1.6s. 4.5 star food is 1.5s which is enough to leave 4 MEs on the ground.

credits to Reinhold Gomez