Mech Action Game Nimbus Infinity Reveals More Game Details

GameTomo has posted the first trailer for Nimbus Infinity, a mech-action game in progress for unnamed consoles and PC. The trailer immediately shows off some of the game's settings and mech concepts, which seem to be more in line with the mechs from Zone of the Enders. Nonetheless, the game has our attention because it shows us some big battlegrounds and characters. The events of Nimbus Infinity take place in the year 2100. Humanity has been fragmented since the last revolution when some people have fled to outer space and established colonies.


Game Overview:

In Project Nimbus, it has been 21 years since the great war. Although CFN successfully persuaded the whole planet to unite under the D.C. administration, half of mankind has fled to space. Battle Frame technology has entered a stalemate, and it is no longer capable of progressing past its wartime incarnation. Pilots for Nimbus frame neural interfaces are no longer available, and the technique has struggled to reach mass production.
Taiyo Iwata, a high school boy who had spent his whole life peacefully in a small town, met a child, Luna Campbell, and a strange NFrame that dropped from the sky while he was out doing a delivery on New Year's Eve 2100. It was at that moment, that the wheel of fate for all humanity began to turn once again. A new war has arrived, with the future of all mankind at stake

The Earth's warring factions have been brought together under the command of the CFN regime. The need for elite pilots with the ability to create neural connections with mechs has disappeared, as has the use of mechs in combat. At the end of 2099, though, a man named Taiyo Iwata is brought to his fate, which could just save the world.
Players will be able to enter a mech and freely drive through a map filled with enemies during gameplay. To get through difficult battles and achieve mission objectives, players may need to use the mech's skills and arsenal. The game also tells the story of Taiyo, who meets a girl named Luna Campbell and is thrust into some high-octane situations for which they were probably unprepared.

Key Features:
  • High-speed, aerial mech combat.
  • Customize weapons and load-outs to better suit one's skills and preferences.
  • Variety of new stages, environments, and area gimmicks.
  • A new story with a new cast, exploring the world 21 years after the events of Project Nimbus.
  • Although the world has seemed to move beyond the war-torn history of Battle Frames, there seems to be something moving in the undercurrent of this peace...
  • Nimbus Infinity, powered by The Unreal Engine 4, is coming to PC (Steam) and other platforms in 2021.