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    Tell us a little bit about yourself
    Im Rochelle, you can call me oche for short i like cooking and really love baking! I go to parties every saturday to unwind and sports is my way for removing stress from my life haha


    Additional info:
    Real Name: Rochelle Navarro
    Age: 20
    Address: Quezon City, Fairview
    School: Graduate
    Gaming Name or ID: Babylovee
    Steam: None​

    Are you studying or working? Where?
    I have a business (working)


    What games do you play?
    Elite Dekaron, Dekaron Rising.

    How long have been into gaming?
    I started playing when I was 13years old. Stopped for like 2years then played online games again and then stopped for 2years again then played online games AGAIN.. Hahaha!! )

    Can you tell us about Dekaron?
    There’s not much to tell haha. Well, Dekaron is very fun. I love playing this game because it makes me so relaxed. I can talk to other people, I meet DIFFERENT players haha.

    How will you encourage gamers to play Dekaron?
    Hm, Elite Dekaron is kinda dead now but you can still play it! (I’LL BE THERE. LOL) if you play Elite Dekaron I can make sure that I can help you 100% haha! I really love new players Well, you can play Dekaron Rising if you guys want more active players. Rising is very different from Elite because they’ve change too much.. Too much is not okay for me. Hehe same characters but super different and not so fun maps )))


    Aside from playing what your other hobbies?
    I love baking!!! Playing Sports and Partying I don’t usually stay in front of my computer for the whole day haha I split my time for some other stuff too

    Are You in a Clan/Guild/Group right now? if yes whats your message to them.
    A message to all PinoyGamers.:
    YES! BLOODS I so love my Guild. My message? Hm, hi guys! Im so happy na we get to meet each other. Our guild is fun no matter what and I will never leave the guild everrrrr. I will stay with you guys forevs hahahahhaha (So get ready to be annoyed ever day) hahahah. We don’t have to change anything pagdating satin kase everything is just perfect I love you guys!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thank you to Rochelle aka BabyLovee for participating on our Player One segment and for lending her time with us. So what do you think Pinoy Gamers? how did she fare to our questions post your replies below ask your own question who knows @rochelle might drop and reply!

    Follow her now on:
    Register or to view Spoiler content!
    Register or to view Spoiler content!

    (image source: from her facebook account)

    This wraps it up for our Player One Segment! Know any gamer? Pro or Casual? as long as they are playing games! message us on our FB page and you might be the next Player One!
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  2. rochelle

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    Thank you very much!! :)
  3. krak3nz

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    Team: PinoyGamerPH

    pretty :D
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  4. DotaPH

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    pansin ko lang puro dekaron hehe, anyway hi @rochelle
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  5. rochelle

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    Hello po :)
  6. lolph

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    more player one pls!
  7. Julius

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    Hi rochelle . :)
  8. Mariabomma

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    Team: UK Battersea

    Even though I was pretty sure it was going to be legit wildlife, it still took me while to click on this thread...

    Thanks to all for sharing your pics of the meet...
  9. soundblaster

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    Team: Secret

    A gamer girl? Sadly in my country, they don't exist T_T
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