Meet New Awakening Class Hwaryeong and Tax Wagon Pre-Season in Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss announced today that the new class "Hwaryeong" has arrived in Black Desert Mobile. Additionally, as announced earlier during 2023 Heidel Ball, Adventurers will be able to enjoy the Tax Wagon Pre-Season.

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Hwaryeong, the Do wielder of the enlightened flames, is the awakening class of Maegu who uses the Foxtail Fans as a conduit to harness the power of the Foxspirit's flames. She swirls the Foxfire of the Foxspirit with the Foxtail Fan she has used since childhood. Enhanced by the Foxfire, she can swiftly evade enemy attacks, while smoothly comboing into her own attacks.

With the Foxtail Fan as her main weapon, Hwaryeong wields powerful dance-like movements in a melee and mid-range combat style. Hwaryeong's main skills are as follows:
  • Twirling Rhapsody: Hwaryeong spins elegantly and charges forward to flank her enemies.
  • Emberclaw Slash: With this skill, she powerfully pushes enemies utilizing the power of the Foxfire.
  • Foxflare Charge: Hwaryeong wraps her body with the Foxfire of the Foxspirit and charges into her enemies to inflict burning pain.
  • Foxspirit Conduit (Passive): Hwaryeong harmonizes the Foxfire of the Foxspirit and her own power to achieve a complete unity. When Accumulate is applied, it will also enhance her abilities.
Watch Hwaryeong's combat showcase here and preview here.

Along with the new class, Black Desert Mobile has unveiled the Tax Wagon Pre-Season, first announced during the 2023 Heidel Ball. Tax Wagon is an expansion of Node/Siege War content in which the defending faction tries to stop the attacking faction before they reach their destination. Up to 100 participants can enter as the attacking faction and up to 10 can enter as the defending faction per channel. There are a total of five channels in which one Tax Wagon departs in each channel.

Adventurers can enter the Tax Wagon content every Saturday between 7:00 PM to 7:20 PM (local time) starting from this Saturday, October 28 until further notice. In order to participate in the content, the Adventurers' guilds need to occupy a specific Node or Valencia Castle. Participating Adventurers can acquire Silver as the primary reward.

Last but not least, to celebrate the arrival of the new class, an array of events awaits Adventurers. Adventurers can obtain lucrative rewards, including Black Pearls, Restoration Scrolls, Chaos Crystals, and more by logging in every day until November 20.

Visit Black Desert Mobile's official website for more information.

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