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Nov 21, 2018
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Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'm an online gamer (ofcourse, that is given) I write articles/fanfictions When I get into gaming, I tend to lose my control. Sometimes.

Real Name: Veronica Ann Villapaña
Age: 19
Address: hogwarts hogwarts hogwarts
School Tarlac State University
Gaming Name or ID : Elite Dekaron
IGN: Jerathiel
Twitter @taemcontrol
Steam I don't play dota:))

Are you studying/working?

What games do you play?
I currently play, Elite Dekaron. Because I just stay at home and my parents wont allow me to play outside. Hence, Elite Dekaron's my only choice of game.

How long have been into gaming?
Let's see.. Elementary since I was 9 years old, now I'm 19. Oh! It's been a decade for me! Haha.

Can you tell us about Dekaron?
Elite Dekaron is a private server. You see, Elite Dekaron is like a branch of the other Dekarons out there. Starting from Dekaron Sea, Dekaron Rising,Creed Dekaron, and Dreams Dekaron

How will you encourage gamers to play Dekaron?
Frankly, I would NOT encourage them to play Elite Dekaron because the server is crappy now and the game masters are not active. There are hackers everywhere, and with that BUGS. Eww. bugs. If I have to encourage them well, I'd say that the game is better than the other games that I played.

The xp is 2000x (I think) which means you'll level up faster and there are alot of cool skills and costumes. Elite Dekaron is a great game, but we need new game masters it's been years since ACTION7 (2010) up until now, there's no update with the costumes and new characters. Dekaron Rising got updated and got new cool maps, characters, and costumes. But what to like in Elite is it is easy to get dils and sets. ~~ About being strong, will be pretty hard.

Are You in a Clan/Guild/Group right now? if yes whats your message to them
I don't have a Guild right now~ but I'm highly close to GearHang's Guild Leader so..

Dear GearHang members,
Don't make me angry. I'll be there in the guild soon, and guess what? I'll be a sub guild leader which means I have the power to kick you guys. I will tear the members, one by one. If someone in the guild has no attitude, Say bye bye. :D

Aside from playing what your other hobbies?
Other hobbies~ well, writing stories. Reading, watching movies, listening to music, SLEEPING, EATING, and editing stuffs.

A message to all PinoyGamers from Nica
To all pinoygamers,
well~ Kawaii! Hahaha, have a nice day y'all.~ Take care of your eyes. @@ duhh, it's important. And your hands too! Duhhh~ You wont be able to play games if you used those too much~! Have a splashy splash summer!

Thank you to Nica aka Jerathiel for participating on our Player One segment and for lending her time with us. So what do you think Pinoy Gamers? how did she fare to our questions post your replies below ask your own question who knows @BunnyBoinks might drop and reply!

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This wraps it up for our Player One Segment! Know any gamer? Pro or Casual? as long as they are playing games! message us on our FB page and you might be the next Player One!
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