MegaHobby Plus April 2022 reveals One Piece Yamato and Portgas D Ace Figures

Megahouse launches MegaHobby Plus April 2022 and it features figures of One Piece Portrait of the Pirates Yamato and Portgas D Ace. The Yamato is a “WA-MAXIMUM” and is a painted prototype that appeared for the first time. While the Portgas figure is a NEW-DX version and is a re-release. Pre-orders for both figures has started today and it is expected to ship in November of this year.

megahobby yamato.png

The Portgas D Ace was first released in 2014 and is released again in 2016. The figure is almost nine inches tall and is the 10th in the limited editions. It comes with additional parts so that the owner can change his facial expression, position of his right arm and let him have his hat or not. The figure costs ¥18,840 or Php7,612.76.

megahobby ace.png

megahobby ace2.png

The Yamato figure is a new one and is larger than Portgas D Ace. The figure is about ten and a half inches tall and costs ¥25,960 or Php10,489.76.

megahobby yamato1.png


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