Megaman x Dive will be Released on March 24 in selected countries!

The Mega Man Franchise has been beloved by many people since we have played the game and saw the characters and their development in the future games that released. But now, it seems that they are planning to expand a bit more. The mobile gaming industry has been proven to be a behemoth and those who want a piece of the pie will of course need a worthy addition to succeed. CAPCOM Taiwan wants to play ball with their latest entry, Mega Man x Dive! (It does say Rockman X Dive in their promotional media but Google Play Store says otherwise)

Mega Man x Dive takes you to the internet world of "Deep Log" and you play as either Zero or X as they try to take on the irregular data that appeared since Deep Log occurred an error and anomalies have shown up. You mainly play as Zero or X in the game however they have also shown various characters that have new models based on their 3D appearance which is pretty exciting to see as they improve from their old 2D counterparts. Aside from that there would also be additional weapons that you can tinker around and use as you progress through the game. You can also equip previous BOSS chips from the bosses you have fought to use their skills to your advantage, therefore combinations can be limitless if you plan to get all skills for you to use in-game. The developers have also promised that the controls and move sets will remain the same. You will still have the Buster and Saber abilities as well as the memorable jump and dash movements from previous franchises.

They also have told in their Google Play page that they will also be having a co-op and versus mode for players who want to experience a multiplayer aspect of the game. Cooperate and face bosses together or duke it out to see who is the best among in the game! As for the confirmed countries, certain countries have been mentioned like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore and last but definitely not the least, Philippines! Totaling to 9 different countries, if you or your friends are either in this country, then your luck is on your side so you can play together in the game.

Mega Man X Dive is an action roleplaying game that will release in March 24, so it's days away from release! Will you be playing it, with or without your friends? Tell us below in the comments!