Melee Rogue & Bow Rogue Basics

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Sep 13, 2018
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These are the two play styles available for Rogue job in terms of weapon use. An advanced job for the thief class, while they have lower damage than their assassin counterparts, their farming utility, copy skill (+preserve @ stalker), and strip skills are top notch.

Stats are very straightforward and self explanatory. Agi for main stat as flee/dodge and high aspd are the core of thief classes. Str as the main dmg stat for melee, dex for bow. In addition, dex increases your steal and strip chance of success - regardless if it's manual steal or auto steal (strip cast is manual-need further info if this is enhanced by metaling card). Adding int is optional if you would want to carry over the utility of added SP that is gained by int.

For play style with respect to weapon, bow rogues can abuse elemental weakness of enemy by changing ammo. Combined with sidewinder weapon or snake hat, damage is further increased. Melee rogues on the other hand can auto steal extra loot from monsters freely while hitting.

Based on experience (4 rogues), +4 or higher NPC weapons are good, budget-friendly things to get you by. You can change weapon later on if you have the budget. For bow, an NPC gakkung or arbalest with + and sidewinder card is a good all around weapon. This enables you to DA freely and you can use indo to boost stats, or SCH for extra ranged dmg. For melee, NPC saber with + and cheap elem cards will do the trick. For my melee rogue, I used +5 2 saharic saber+endow tornado+snake hat for lvling up at anolians, and +5 2 santa poring saber + aspersio for farming at geffenia. These cost me less than 1m zenny to make and is a highly recommended suggestion.

For additional concerns, feel free to post or comment back. Again, I invite other people to share their experiences or ideas to help us make our plans better and our options, more. RoKOn!!!!