Metal Gear Survive Release Date Confirmed PC PS4 XBox One 

The Metal Gear Survive is the first metal gear to be released since Hideo Kojima's public departure from the company. It’s one of the few Metal Gear projects created without some level of involvement from him. It’s also a game that has been routinely met with dismissal from Metal Gear fans bitter not just over publisher Konami’s treatment of Kojima, but also for continuing the franchise without its key

And it’s hard to tell whether Metal Gear Survive will ultimately be any good, based on a brief demo we played at E3 2017 earlier this week. Metal Gear Online in its many incarnations has never quite done it for me. It’s always felt a bit messy, clunky and stiff. Kojima Productions managed to get pretty close to good with Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain’s online multiplayer mode, and Survive plays similarly.

source via Konami

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