Metal Slug: Awakening will soft launch in select regions of Southeast Asia

Metal Slug: Awakening will be soft launching in the SEA region soon! After the soft launch has been concluded in the select regions, the game will then launch globally. Metal Slug: Awakening is the latest release in the Metal Slug franchise.

metal slug awakening.jpg

Previously announced in 2021, the game went into hiatus first before doing its two alpha tests with the recent one done here in the Philippines and Indonesia. After that, there’s not much that was announced by the developers about the game.

The new title in the Metal Slug franchise retains the classic gameplay that we’ve already known from the original title with the difference being their visual aspect since from the pixel art, the game now features stunning 3D graphics. The iconic side-scrolling mode is preserved with new modes, like the Hot Pursuit mode and Maze mode, introduced to make the game more exciting.

The game will be released in Android and iOS devices in the eight regions of Southeast Asia, which are Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia. However, the date for the soft launch and global release date has yet to be revealed by the developers.

Stay tuned for further announcements!