MFF essential Black Widow


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May 11, 2015
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Hi, since Marvel has officially confirmed the existence of a Black Widow movie (after finally finding a director), I guess appropriate lang na i-post ito.

Is she an MFF essential? Yes.
Worth investment for T2? YES.
Kahit T1 60/6/6? Huhu Yessss.
Overlooked/Underrated? Yeah.

  • Best female speed character (w/ enough love and commitment)
  • Versatile, all-around fighter:
  • AB/ABX (expert in crowd control)
  • Shadowland (da best!)
  • Timeline Battle (yakang-yaka si Dr. Strange, Buck IW, Spidey IW, QS, SW)
  • World Boss (can handle it by herself like a boss that she is)
  • WBU (extra effort lng, like most characters of course)
  • Fast sweeper sa special missions (if you plan to level up your other characters)
  • Very very farmable
  • Stellar ang shock damage and stuns (even Quicksilver couldn't see it coming, as in)
  • Her final skill has an impressive burst damage!!!)
  • With IW uni, her survivability skyrockets because She's a Dodge queen, y'all (Thanos meteor who?)
*Obelisk: Prioritize lightning damage
OR C.T.P of Energy, I guess?
*Skill rotation (labeled per active skill):
-3, 5, 4, 2, 1
*ISO Set: Power of Angry Hulk
*Best team: Kahit sinong gusto nyo (trust me haha) or with Cap/Iron Man and Buck
*Uniform: Infinity War, this improvement made her practically UNTOUCHABLE (but not invincible, ok haha)

  • So-so leadership
  • Must be used strategically (di pwede yung pipindot ng skills randomly, cuz her DPS is not Sharog level)

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