MFF Essentials Destroyer


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May 11, 2015
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Guys, We would like to encourage you to submit reviews on the essential characters in the game as well to give newbies an in-depth and better understanding.

MFF Essentials Destroyer

  • Energy Reflect: a passive skill that is very useful in timeline and AC. The passive skill alone has a huge potential to take out energy based metas (Doc Strange, Scarlet Witch, Jean Grey, Ultimates).
  • In addition to this, a 65%reduced energy damage passive skill + 30% increase in energy defense as lead. You are dishing back damage, but receiving far less.
Recommended build:

A good mix of 2 factors is needed for Destroyer: Max Energy Attack + Survivability(more "reflect time")

How to maximize damage output:

Destroyer's energy attack × 150% = maximum reflect capacity. The excess damage received will be considered as damage to Destroyer's HP. In addition, bigger energy attack = better skill damage.

Prometheus uni: 30% chance for a 170% damage proc
Maximizing survivability:
Gears: You can opt for the shield, HP recovery, or invi proc to maximize his survivability. As for CTP (Authority - invi proc + damage accumulation, refinements-HP heal + guard)

Iso Set: HP recovery or shield set. Use the group's pinned post on Iso Sets for more details.

Urus: see below
Urus to consider equipping:
Energy Attack: more reflect capacity
Energy defense: less post-reflect damage
HP(primary/main) + recovery rate(secondary/boost) : more HP recovered if you have any heal factors (iso or gears)

As an example: my #13 Destroyer
Iso set: Stark backing
Gear : Ctp refinement (20% hp recovery, 6 guard)
Urus: 8 energy attack. 8 HP. 4 energy defense.

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