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May 11, 2015
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  1. A good two-way character, good dps with high survivability. Effective vs. WBU Proxima
  2. Heal, damage immunity, super armor, and other defense buffs
  3. Has attack buffs (all att, att speed, and crit rate)
  4. An early trigger for buffs at 90% hp
  5. Making his uniform mythic gives you a ctp.
  6. His inexpensive Maestro uni can turn him into a villain and make interesting team-ups with Apocalypse in Combat Villain ABX.
  7. Has a lot of team-up possibilities with various characters.

Iso-set: Offense set, POAH, OD or HE. If you have lots of gold, make him POAH (for obvious reasons!)

Obelisk: here you can go two ways, pure defense or balanced.

If pure defense, go ctpr or an HP + Invic PROC to allow him to heal. Recovery Rate is nice to have but given a choice HP> RR

If balanced go for an obelisk to round out his attack stats like ignore def, ignore dodge (to fight pesky Speed characters), crit rate and crit damage, just watch for the cap. Still on the fence with ITGB. I would still opt for an Invic PROC over a Damage PROC but you can go either way.

UNIFORM: Definitely buy the Ragnarok uni as it enhances his Heal and attack buffs plus a mythic status will give you a CTPR.

Also, buy the Maestro uni for flexibility to be a villain since it can be bought for gold.

FUN FACT: For a long time, fans have clamored for a better Hulk, finally NM listened with the Ragnarok update. Prior to that, Cho was far stronger.

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