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May 11, 2015
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Joining the band of MFF Essentials, I'm here to give a guide to mah lord, Star-Lord.

  1. His leadership gives the HIGHEST energy attack boost to Blast type characters. It's also a nice self-buffing leadership so you don't need any other leader if you wanna bump up his energy attack.
  2. Has 4/5 iframes (his 5th isn't an iframe only at the first second, but you get to enjoy his epic dance moves afterward), so you can be as elusive with the proper rotation.
  3. The latest version (Infinity War) gave him a huge bump and now MELTS faces. Practically from almost-zero to hero.
  4. He's the Legendary Outlaw.
  • Gear: you can either roll for something offensive like crit %/dmg, OR u can shore up one of his annoying weaknesses and that is MOVEMENT SPEED. or other utility type stats lile scd may also work.
  • ISO set: an attack set, preferably POAH or OD.
  • Custom Gear: priority is Crit Damage. U can either go for a dmg proc or invi proc. I personally built my SL as a glass cannon so i went with a dmg proc. As for the other option, it'd be nice if u got max HP/ig def/dodge/crit %. Idk if u can have a dmg proc and an invi proc in one obe, but if u could, then that's basically the ultimate best.
  • Urus: offense is always a priority, so always include 2 eng atk urus per gear. The remaining slots depends on ur cards and stats. As usual max scd should always be attained, so u may include some until you cap his scd. Crit %/dmg is also nice. I personally have a T2 Mantis with SL to give him a crit dmg and ig def buff, so those 2 stats are already maxed for me. Only with Mantis tho. You can also put some dodge urus to make him even more frustrating to deal with. I usually go full offensive because as i said earlier, glass cannon.
  • Recommended CTP: for max dmg, go for Energy. Personally, i have a CTPE on my SL.
  • Space Armor: yuck. Personally, i find this uni unattractive. Its basically just as useless as his base model. The only improvement this uni has is a stun on his 2nd, but even that is clunky since it becomes a partial iframe.
  • GOTG Vol2: better than his base model by a lot. 2nd turns into a fast iframe, and the last change to his 4th made it a really long iframe with just ok dmg. It still has a few kinks tho as 2 of his skills cause him to back, which is kinda frustrating to play as. I personally loved this skin because why not? It's basically Chris Pratt.
  • IW: now this shit is the bomb. A huge improvement to SL's dmg. With this uni, he's more than just a leadership. He can go toe-to-toe with even native t2's, and to some extent, kite the shit out of t3's (except IW spidey. He's too much). He also gets an amazing facelift to 4 of his skills. With this, he can now live up to his name being a lord.
I have both GOTG vol2 and IW unis in Mythic, but for now, i will just share the other unis needed for his IW uni and the stat bonuses I put.
  • Advanced: Capt America IW - movement speed
  • Rare: Drax uni - eng atk
  • Heroic: Iron Man IW - movement speed
  • Legendary: Yondu GOTG2 - skill cd
  • Mythic: Gamora GOTG2 - eng atk

  • I have said it but imma say it again, IW SL is now more than just a leadership. The 5c4 combo alone melts enemies in a good AoE. 3rd skill is not only an amazingly animated skill, it also hurts. Can kill enemies from 100-0.
  • skill rotation: 5c4-2-3. With a high scd, u dont have to cast 1, but with capped cd, u can skip 5 and just go 4-2-3. These skills are full iframes so u can basically go without being hit, IF done right.
  • I'd like to emphasize this. SL DOES NOT NEED GBI. Or u can say it has zero to abyssmally low priority. People tend to equip this stat for the sole reason of his 5th, but with IW uni, 5 is now cancellable, so even if u get guard broken, it'll still go on. And if it doesn't, it means SL didnt channel enough and the skill will NOT go on cd.

That's all i have atm. Hope this helps new and intermediate players, make them appreciate Star-Lord even more despite what he did in the movie. I'm sorry it was a long and comprehensive post but i tried to include everything that i can. If u guys have any more questions, feel free to ask. I might've missed something. Added info will also be appreciated.

I really enjoyed doing this. I thank miss Tina for pioneering this idea. It makes the group more informative. Maybe i can do another one of this someday. You guys can choose from Dormammu, Anti-Venom, Vulture maybe, or someone not even meta like Lincoln Campbell.

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