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May 11, 2015
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"Where are they? It's already 12:08 yet they're still not here." a young magician said. A young man scratch his back neck and shrugged , telling this little brat that he doesn't know.

"Oh come on, Kung Chou! They're already 8 minutes late!"

"I don't know where they are okay?! I don't even know them!" Chou said, trying to hold on his annoyance.

"It's because you're useless!" Harley once again, whined. Chou is readying himself to give Harley a high kick when a little lady's voice shouted this brat's name.

"Harley!" a magenta haired girl shouted. At her back is a handsome brown haired guy, Gusion Paxley, Lesley's boyfriend.

" Lesley!" Harley shouted at the top of his lungs and pulled her big sister for a warm hug.

"I miss your dinner, Lesley" Harley said and pouted. Not even minding to greet the guy beside her sister. Lesley kissed his cheeks that makes Harley blush a little.

Lesley laugh because of the cute approach of his little brother. While Gusion pouted because Lesley didn't give him a kiss too.

On the other side, Chou, who is watching them, looks at Lesley admiringly.

"I found a love, for me~" Chou mentally sing as he fell inlove with bright smile of the magenta haired lady.

He fixed his grayish hair and fixed his clothes. His smells if his body and breath smells pretty good.

"Hey strawberry cu-" he was cut off when the 3 of them walk away, not even minding him.

He pouted and sat down on the warm grass. Her smile keeps playing on his head, he smiled because of that thought.

He close his and dreams how their future could be.

"I wonder what our sons and daughters looks like?" he mumbled. His face blooms as he imagine how good of a wife she is.

"Oh my dear Chou, why are you so handsome?"

A sunlight makes his eyes open. He found out that he's lying on a sand. A sound of waves is all over his ears. The smell of the sea is satisfying his head.

"My dear Chou, you look handsome even when you're sleeping" Lesley, in a sexy magenta bathing suit, seductively said.

"Of course my dear Lesley, I'm always handsome. That's why you fell inlove with me right" he said and winked.

"Oh yes my dear, you're the most handsomest man I've ever seen" she said.

"Really? Then kiss me" Chou said. Lesley nodded. And their lips is about to met

"AWWW WHAT WAS THAT?!" he annoyingly ask. He felt a pail of saliva near his lips, he wipe it and looks at his side.

'It's just a dream, why it feels so realistic?! But why the kiss seems so real?!" he thought.

He looks at his side and he saw Nana's blue rabbit, grinning at him! A horrified and disgusting look glinted in his eyes.

"Ouch! Why are you so careless, Nana?!" Harley whined. Nana pouted and looks at Chou, she covered her mouth to restrain her laugh.

"Ahahahahah!" Nana laugh. Chou pouted and wipes again the saliva surrounding his mouth.

"You brats!" Chou shouted annoyingly. He chased them. When Chou was running near the river, Chou accidentally tripped and fell in river.


"Harley? Nana? What are you doing here?" Lesley, who appeared nowhere, said. And as usual, a pissed off Gusion is at her back.

Who will never be annoyed if your date was disturbed by this brats, right?

"Hey what happened to Chou?" Lesley asked. Chou smiled like an idiot and thought a good plan.

"This two pushed me" he said and pouted. Lesley searched a towel in her bag and throw a towel on his face.

He pouted like Gusi- goose, I mean.

Lesley help him wiped his wet hair that makes him blushed.

'So beautiful~!' Chou thought. After Lesley help him wiped his wet hair, she turn her back and walk away. Gusion, who's surrounding with black aura, whispered to him and said,

"You should look where you were walking, Chou so you will never trip"

His eyes widen and turn to those little brats who pranked him. As soon as the couple walked and fade, Nana turned him into a blue rabbit while Harley tortured him by pinching his cheeks so hard.


"Let's just continue our date in this cafe" a brown haired man invited his girlfriend, Lesley. She agreed and he ordered for their food.

The cafe atmosphere is so relaxing. The smell of coffee coming out from the brewing coffe bean. The sound of the acoustic live band surrounds the cafe.

"Who wants to sing?" the vocalist asked with a smiled. He adverted his gaze, looking for someone who could sing. Then the magenta haired girl caught his attention.

"Please sing for us, Miss"

"N-No, I... I don't know how to sing" Lesley politely rejected.

"Please, Lesley" Gusion pleaded. Lesley have nothing to do but to sigh and grab the microphone.

"I found a love... for me~" Lesley sang their favorite song, Perfect.

"Darling just dive right in, and follow my lead"

Gusion smiled as he listen to the most beautiful voice he have ever heard. And his heart flutter because that song, is dedicated for him.

"Well I found a girl beautiful and sweet
I never knew you were the someone waiting for me. 'Cause we were just kids when we fell in love"

Lesley closed her eyes, as she remember how they met in a parade.

"I will not give you up this time. But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own
And in your eyes you're holding mine~"

She slowly stepped down in the stage while singing.

"Baby, I'm dancing in the dark with you between my arms" she continued as she asked for Gusion's hands to join her in the stage.

Gusion is about to grab the microphone when someone stole it from his hands and shouted,


Gusion was surprise to hear Chou singing wrong pitch, even the lyrics. And most of all, HE RUINED THEIR DATE! AND THEIR PRECIOUS MOMENT! AND THEIR FAVORITE SONG!


Note: Buhay pa ako mga zer, hahahah. Natanggap ako as writer, salamat sa lahat ng sumupport ng gawa ko ahahaha. Ang corny rin hahhaah.
Credits to Buns Art as inspiration and sa kanya itong artwork, hehehe.