MGL Guide Positioning Awareness & Skills for Mage and Support


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Jul 7, 2019
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Do you always get ambush easily by enemy? Do you know where to go when the game starts? Position is very impor-tant in Mobile Legends regardless which role you are. If player able to position themselves correctly, they can easily attack, escape or even prevent ambush from the enemy.

Let's start with who's suitable to go to middle lane. Mage and assassin are the best role to farm at middle as they are more powerful in early and middle game. Mage that needs buff and able to clear lane fast should go middle. As middle lane is the lane that you can farm and support another lane fast. Middle lane will always have the first team fight when the first wave reach. 1+2+2 or 1+3+1 combo will be better due to the first team fight at middle.

With the help of tank or support, it will be more efficient They should always stay close so they can attack fast if enemy was caught. If both assassin and mage wanted to go middle lane, who have the higher priority? It depends which hero have the strongest advantage at early game. For example, Gusion and Harith. Ahik

Mid 2 combo Mage + Tank Mid 3 combo : Mage + Tank + Support

Both are strong in early and middle game as they have high mobility and damage. If both are in a team, that would depend on who are more confident in handling middle lane. Player should discuss before the match starts. Always remember that damage dealer should never stand in front of tank to ensure your safety.

After clearing the first wave and buff, you can choose to go to enemy's buff area to ambush enemy if they still there. Otherwise, go top to help team-mate farm in jungle and get the gold buff would be a good choice.

The mission for tank at middle lane is to absorb possible damage or crowd con-trol from the enemy. Support can choose to go to middle lane together, howev-er, support should go to other places after clearing the first wave to avoid shar-ing extra gold and experience. They can buy a roaming item too to help the damage dealer gain higher experience and gold. If your team have two tanks, one of the tanks should go help marksman.

Path you can go :

Hints:If too much time was taken for getting buff, you may dear lane first before going for the gold buff

1) Burst Type Mages : The speed for burst type mage to clear lane may slow, they are advised to take the side lanes and target squishy enemy especially marksman. They will initiate attack with stun so you can't escape from their following skills. They will frequently hide themselves in bushes to ambush enemy. There are two ways to ambush enemy.

First, always check the map to see where the creeps or lord arrives. Just patiently wait in bushes and be ready to attack. Unless enemies are in team fight, other-wise, they will come and clear the lane.

Example 1: From the map we saw that there is a team fight at top and Sun is clearing lane at middle. There is a high chance he will go top to support. So, we wait in bushes to ambush him! Second place is enemy buff area. Always check the map to know when the buff appears. Most of the damage dealer needs buff. So, you can ambush them when they come for buff.

Example 2 : We saw lord is coming. Enemy will most likely follow lord to push turret. We hide here to wait for approaching enemy. Enemy marksman is coming, ready to ambush!

2) Damage Type Mages : Compare to burst type, damage type mage's ultimate is AoE damage; the longer enemy within the area of their ultimate, the more damage they deal. They may go to side lane if there is better hero that should go middle as they don't really need buff compared to mage like Harith or Lunox.

They are more reliant on their teammates as they need protection and someone helps them CC enemy so enemy stay within their ultimate. With the help of flick-er, they can change position once to chase enemy (Except Gord and Zhask. Zhask can move once for his ultimate). They should always stay close with tank or sup-port in order to use their ultimate on time.

1. Where you should flicker? A or B?
2. We should go to the middle of A and 0, as you will not net attacked by turret and able to reach many enemies.

tips : You can always use your skill to check bushes as shown. (Odette using her skill toward the bush to check the perimeter)

3) Poke Type Mages : Poke type mage can deal damage multiple times in a short period and lower down enemy HP. They prefer teammate along with them so they can poke enemy at a safe place. They also prefer having some distance with enemy. Hence, position will be the most important for them. Here are some examples to poke enemy.

Example 1
1. Where should we go to poke them safely?
2. This isn't a good place as we are too close to kagura. Besides, this position is in between Zhask and his Nightmaric Spawn (first skilh.

Result: 'Amok was stunned by Zhask. We should go either A) poke Zhask or 8) poke Kagura

1. Diggie has showed us the position of enemy.
2. We use ultimate to change a better position to chase them out from their turret.
3. Ultimate stop here, we can continue to poke enemy with dark ultimate.
4. We flick outside of Turrets attack range and poke enemy.

4) Mobility Type Mages :
Mobility mage can frequently blink to other location. They are also the type of hero that can get in or out of enemy's turret easily to kill enemy. With their high mobility, they can support another lane quickly. Their skills might require them to go closer to their enemy. Hence, knowing when is the best timing to get in and place that can provide you chances for escape are important.

The best timing to get in is after enemy uses all their crowd control skill or ulti-mate on tank. Place that have narrow space to escape is a better place to attack. Note that, always move 45 degrees when chasing enemy. As this may provide some space between you and enemy especially for Harith. For Alice, we should blink behind the enemy to use ultimate so enemy would have to escape towards your team.

1. Teammate is around, and we saw that enemy is taking buff.
2. Asking teammates gather.
3. Gusion escape through wall. So, we blink through wall to chase.
4. Back to a safe place after loll Gusion

Support :

For support, always follow a high mobility or poke type mage. As they can roam with them and provide necessary help. Lets use Diggie as example. What Diggie can do is crowd control from his second skill, immunity from crowd control and extra shield that coming from his ultimate. For example, use second skill to catch enemy so that they can't escape from damage dealer.

Support should always follow the damage dealer, never be too far from them or go alone. However, they should avoid standing in front of damage dealer as they are squishy which may easily die before providing any support to their team. Standing aside with damage dealer will be a better choice so they can support each other fast when necessary. Remember! Don't DO what tank should do.

Example 1: Enemy is escaping, use cc skills to prevent them from escaping from damage dealer.
Example 2 : Use ultimate to prevent enemy cc your damage dealer

If your hero lacks mobility, you should utilize flicker or any spell, such as stun to save yourselves. If your teammate is coming to support, escape to-wards the direction your team is approaching so they can reach the battle field earlier.

Example 1: Enemy was chasing you. Go near the wall and use flicker to escape.
Example 2 : Enemy chasing us, so we should escape to the way where teammate is.


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