Mickey Mouse-inspired horror game Infestation: Origins announced

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Game publisher Nightmare Forge Games announced its new 1-4 co-op survival horror title, Infestation: Origins, shortly after the original Mickey Mouse, Steamboat Willie, entered the public domain.


According to the Steam page of Infestation: Origins, it is a co-op horror in which players will play as an exterminator to treat sinister infestations caused by twisted versions of classic characters and urban legends, or the nightmarish version of Steamboat Mickey.

Here’s how to play the game according to Steam description:

Find the source.

Explore unique locations and uncover the story behind how each infestation began. Find the means to access and unlock new areas. Use cameras to keep an eye on activity. Maintain power to enable different systems. Find the source at all costs.

Treat the infestation.

Utilize a variety of extermination gear to subdue the outbreak. Eradicate all nests and monstrous fiends lurking throughout. Run when you can, hide, help your friends, and just don't fall victim to the infestation's spread.


Prepare to face and eliminate a horrific entity, with each episode containing a distinct classic character or urban legend responsible for the infestation.

As aforementioned, this horror game will allow players to play with up to four members and communicate using in-game and global voice chat. There will also be a public lobby where players can join in, or if they choose to play alone, the game is also available for single players.

The game was originally called Infestation 88’, but was criticized due to common Nazi reference points, whereas 88 can mean H.H. or Heil Hitler. And was also scrutinized for its robotic-sounding dialogue using an AI-driven text-to-speech service rather than utilizing voice actors.