Microsoft introduces Xbox App's Compact Mode to adapt to smaller screen handheld systems

At last, Microsoft is beginning to take note of how popular Windows portable gaming devices are becoming. As it stands, an upgrade to the Xbox software that runs the Game Pass library is a long time coming. Even with Windows 11's significant redesign, the shop and game management tool are still not very functional.


However, the new feature, which makes the app adapt to smaller screens, focuses more on the design than on functionality. For touch-controlled systems, the so-called Compact Mode will provide improved navigation and a more readable design. Users can choose a new compact mode that collapses the sidebar into icons by tapping the upper-left corner of the application. The notifications area of the app has also been updated; instead of showing all of the notifications, you may now simply view the ones that are unread.

You can shrink the side menu to show just the icons by using the collapsible feature that is enabled by the Compact mode. This gives these small screen gadgets some much-needed space.


Sadly, enabling this means that you can no longer access your installed games directly from the sidebar; instead, you must navigate to the My Library section to do so. Additionally, rather than being a button on the screen, the option to enable the Compact mode is somewhat hidden within the drop-down menu that is enabled by choosing your profile symbol in the top left menu.

Additionally, Microsoft is collaborating with firms such as ASUS to activate this mode by default, meaning that the software will launch in small mode the moment it receives an update. As long as they are using the most recent version of the program, all users can utilize this feature, albeit there is no information available regarding possible updates for Lenovo Legion Go.


Microsoft is also introducing the Game Services Repair Tool, a unique piece of software designed to fix any problems associated with "Gaming Services," a prevalent issue that plagues a lot of customers. To be honest, the Xbox app needs additional troubleshooting features, particularly for installing games. It would be beneficial to include an option to relocate and backup data independently of Windows. Sadly, no updates have been released for these features yet.