Microsoft is testing out a new subscription plan for Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft is revealed to be testing out a new subscription plan that will allow multiple players to share one Xbox Game Pass account with all the games within it. But be advised, it will be more expensive than your standard solo membership.

xbox game pass.jpg

Currently, the tier named “Game Pass Friends and Family,” is being tested in Colombia and the Republic of Ireland. The users in Ireland are charged around $22, or in peso that would be PHP 1,283.61, per month. Considering that you will be allowed to share your account with your four other friends if you subscribed to this subscription plan, you can split the $22 fee in five and it will be much more affordable.

However, as this is still a new service, expect that there’s still some aspects that need improvement. Provided that you’re the main account holder, you can share the subscription with four other people at once but if you decide to swap friends, there’s a limit of eight unique accounts a year per subscription. Also, the subscription is region-locked, meaning, your friends that you're sharing the subscription with should be playing in the same country or region that you’re living in.

As of the moment, Xbox has yet to announce when the tests will end or if it will be available in other countries, as well. In the meantime, if interested, stay tuned for more updates!