Microsoft sets to phase out Call of Duty Mobile but Activision plans to "stay commited"

Microsoft reportedly stated that Warzone Mobile would eventually replace Call of Duty: Mobile as part of the company's plan on phasing out CoD Mobile. However, Activision has some other plans.


When it comes to its intentions for Call of Duty's future, Microsoft has been quite open. Activision Blizzard games may be made available on Nintendo and Nvidia platforms thanks to Microsoft's 10-year agreements with both companies. Players could then access games like Call of Duty on smartphones and other gadgets thanks to this. The biggest gaming platform on the planet, according to Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, is a mobile phone, and that choice led Microsoft to pursue Activision Blizzard rather than Call of Duty in August 2022.

As a result, mobile gaming aficionados were stunned by Microsoft's announcement that "CoD Mobile is scheduled to be phased out starting with the debut of Warzone Mobile" on March 8.


Activision announces their commitment in maintaining Call of Duty Mobile​

Microsoft's first remark was contradicted by Activision on March 13 when it unveiled its future plans for CoD Mobile.
“We are committed to Call of Duty: Mobile as an important part of the entire Call of Duty franchise and our overall mobile strategy. We have the best fans in the world and intend to continue supporting the game with a robust roadmap of fresh new CODM content and updates for the long haul.” - Activision

Some members of the community, however, questioned Activision's assurance. “I mean, the deal isn’t finalized yet. Activision can say whatever they want for now,” one player retorted. A second user commented, “Once Microsoft takes over, they don’t have to continue support for mobile. It will be their company, and Activision will have to answer to MS. For now, this is just Activision saying stuff that may not matter in the future.”

On the other hand, several supporters expressed optimism by saying, “ok, thank god, this is a huge W,” and “long live CoD Mobile.”

A decision on whether to approve or disapprove Microsoft's transaction will be made by March 23, 2023, according to EU antitrust officials. So keep a look out for more details regarding the impending transaction as the UK CMA and US FTC also need to make conclusions.