Microsoft will be launching its own Xbox Mobile Games App Store this coming July

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Previously announced back in March 2023, Microsoft has finally revealed that their much awaited Xbox Mobile Games App Store will be launching this coming July.

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Before, a mobile gaming app store was an ambitious plan by Microsoft but now, the once ambitious plan was finally announced by Microsoft’s Xbox President Sarah Bond at the Bloomberg Tech Summit. The new mobile gaming app store will, at first, feature games like Candy Crush and Minecraft.

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“We will extend this capability to partners so that they can also take advantage of it and have a true cross-platform gaming-centric experience”, Sarah added.

It was in October 2022 that Microsoft revealed plans to have an Xbox Games App Store on mobile devices. It was to compete with the established app stores of Google and Apple in the gaming market. As the upcoming mobile app store will be finally releasing, the company will be relying on the recently acquired Activision Blizzard title Call of Duty: Mobile and King’s Candy Crush Saga in promoting a healthy gaming experience.