Midnight vacates the role of an Analyst for Nexplay Evos

Neil “Midnight” De Guzman of Nexplay EVOS has officially ended his term as the team’s analyst. The announcement was made through Nexplay EVOS official social media pages.


According to the post, Midnight will no longer provide his analytical insights for the team in the MPL PH Season 9. However, he will still be involved in some of the projects of the team.

In response to the post of Nexplay EVOS, Midnight expressed his gratitude to the organization for giving him the opportunity and he also promised to maintain the relationships he made within the team.

However, before the official announcement, it seems that hints were already given. Dogie and Coach Zico both posted their vlogs that revealed the leaving of Midnight. Both were titled as “PAALAM MIDNIGHT” but each of the vlogs has a different perspective.

In Dogie’s vlog, he showed midnight leaving the bootcamp but in Coach Zico’s vlog, Midnight was shown bonding with the team after their exit in the MPL: Invitational. It was also hinted in Zico’s vlog that Midnight had some contact with Moonton.

Prior to his leave, Midnight has also expressed that he was going through a lot of emotions at that moment. It may pertain to the decision of relinquishing his role in the team.