miHoYo has opened the Beta Test Sign Up for the Version 2.3 of Genshin Impact

miHoYo has announced that they have started the sign up for Genshin Impact 2.3 beta testing.


Beta testing sign up has already started on September 15. Official announcements will be made on the official Genshin Impact Discord server.

To sign up, players will need a valid ID that proves them to be 18 years old or above. Any valid ID will do like government ID, driver’s license, passport, or any ID that can prove your age. You also need to be a member of the Genshin Impact Discord server to receive direct messages from it, however, their Discord server at the moment, is full.


You’ll be using a Google Form to sign up for the beta test. In there, you will fill up specific information like Discord ID, Genshin Impact UID, miHoYo community forum user ID, and some personal details. If you manage to get in, you will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, that means, you can’t share any data or information that you have seen in the beta test.

Currently, the version 2.1 is ongoing. The new contents that the 2.1 brought are the Inazuma Islands, Fishing System, Raiden Shogun, and more. The version 2.2 of the game is expected to be launched on October 13, 2021 and a new character named Thoma will be added. If everything goes according to the plans of miHoYo, 2.3 can be expected to arrive on November 23, 2021.

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Sadly, the beta test sign up for the 2.3 has already ended, better luck next time. Let’s just wait for the 2.4 beta test sign up and pray that the odds may be in our favor. Good luck!