miHoYo sues Genshin Impact Leakers

Another fight ensues with developer miHoYo against Genshin Impact leakers, but now, a lawsuit is involved.

genshin impact.jpg

miHoYo has been trying to deter leakers from leaking upcoming contents of Genshin Impact several times already and yet, none has been successful so far. They even have once sued Bilibili sometime ago to get more details regarding the leakers of Genshin Impact.

Today, progress regarding the fight between the leakers and miHoYo has surfaced online. It appears to be that there are several people being sued. It seems legit since their accounts in Bilibili with their account names and UID can be seen.


These seven people are being asked to pay ¥500,00 or $78,200. However, it's also worthy to note that none of the seven leakers are bound by a non-disclosure agreement in which can complicate the case if proven true since they would not be an employee or a beta tester to begin with which now begs the question in how they were able to leak so much information of Genshin Impact.

Still, miHoYo has their UIDs that can prove that they have played in the past and are related to the Bilibili case that happened in September wherein miHoYo has sued Bilibili to crack down leakers on the platform.

Even if this has been circulating online for a few months already, it is noteworthy how miHoYo is hard on cracking down the leakers and is consistent in trying to tone down the leaking of information about Genshin Impact.

This ongoing case could have the significant effect on leakers that miHoYo has been looking for.