miHoYo’s Zenless Zone Zero 18 minutes gameplay revealed

Zenless Zone Zero, a "urban fantasy action RPG," has a new 18-minute gameplay video by miHoYo called "Just Another Day at the Video Store."


Since its first reveal, Zenless Zone Zero has received praise and admiration, making it the game that Hoyoverse fans are most looking forward to. Since then, there have been several closed beta testing conducted, and the beta has provided a wealth of fresh details regarding the game's rogue-lite components, character kits, and plot.

At TGS, Zenless Zone Zero could introduce some fresh faces or offer further details about the plot. The beta to release pace that Hoyoverse is renowned for makes it seem improbable that they would announce a release date. For instance, Genshin Impact released later in September 2020 after having its first Beta in June 2019.

In the first scene of the gameplay trailer for Zenless Zone Zero, Wise (Atsushi Abe) and Belle (Sayaka Sembongi) are shown returning with supplies for their video store, Random Play. Their work as Proxies, persons who infiltrate the perilous locations known as the Hollows, using Random Play as a cover.

Wise meets a client outside the store and declines the task in favor of pursuing Belle, talking to the proprietors of other businesses, and caressing a nearby cat. After picking up some ramen from General Chop's stall (complete with a complex preparation animation), Wise encounters a police barrier enclosing a Hollow-invaded region. Wise approaches Fairy, a management system, after being stopped, in order to get help. Cut to Anby, Billy, and Nicole of the Proxies known as the Cunning Hares.


The action shifts to the Hollow area, where Zenless Zone Zero fighting is demonstrated. The system looks to be superficially similar to Honkai Impact 3rd's, emphasizing three-character teams engaging in close-quarters combat, quick character change, and impressive combinations. Even though the game is now only confirmed for PC and mobile platforms, the button instructions are identical to those of an Xbox controller. Even after the Cunning Hares have cleaned up the scene, Belle is not there. As further inquiry focuses on her whereabouts, Belobog Heavy Industries' Proxy team is contacted. The Belobog trio, composed of Ben, Anton, and Koleda, engage in combat with a sizable monster who is a construction robot. Once the boss is defeated, Belle is saved.

There is no concrete release date for Zenless Zone Zero as of yet. Both PCs and mobile devices will support it.