Mika Daime Cheating or Not? kayo na humusga


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Nov 4, 2018
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Filipino content creator Mika Daime was accused of using cheats like aimbot and wallhack in Valorant.

Note: This is a conversation not an open accusation

Here are some proof that Mika Daime Cheats

Note: Footage shown are from users online and not mine

Mika Daime comments on the allegations

I know my crosshair placement is bad..XD but im trying my best to improve everyday^^ please look at these hl nasa baba lagi crosshair ko guys HAHA

bottom frag to cheater si mika daime real quick
i love spraying frm the bottom/sa shoulder (dahil sa pubg dati) pero im trying to adjust sa valorant pa slant na ako ngayon minsan nakaka 2-3 taps headshot pero minsan lang tlga depende sa mood ng baril.

my dpi 1600 to 700 (still adjusting)
.40 to .30 yung sens ko ingame.

anyways, katulad ng sabi ng ibang tao i wont risk my career for that 1 video.

I've been playing and streaming a lot of games and im trying my best everytime so people wont say anything bad about me..:'D from league of legends (grandmaster/chall flex nag totournament din), overwatch (diamond 150 pts till masters), pubg ( nag to-tournament din ako with team unknown) and soon to valorant. (nag promise ako sa sarili ko i wont join any tournament pag hindi pa ako at least diamond nasa plat 2 pa lang ako.)

please if you're from league of legends community and hated me since then for idk what reason please don't do the same thing in valorant nanahimik lang kami dito :')) only real viewers and team wicked ang nakaka alam sa journey ko at improvement ko.

kung nakikita nyo or nanghusga kayo sa isang video lang hindi tlga sapat yung reason.

I'm so tired explaining to everyone.
sad but i wont stop streaming bc i love what i do.

Thank you!

pero upon investigation ng Riot di da sya nag cheat
kayo na humusga
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May 1, 2019
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shes getting hate from one side as well as support from you know simps. If i add my own opinion it really looks like shes cheating but then again Riot said she isnt.

Lets just hope she's not since it looks bad for female streamers specially for her shes been streaming for a long time