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Nov 4, 2018
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Since walang thread si Mika Daime allow me to create one. Official Mika Daime Accounts: Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Twitch | Facebook

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Hi, I’m Mika Daime and I’ve been streaming for almost 3 years. Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed because of all the projects, offers, and support that I’ve been receiving.

I feel like I’m on my way to living out my dreams and being successful in my chosen career path. Despite this, I still remember the struggles I went through to get to this point and I want to share my story. I plan on making a video about this soon, but for now I’ll appreciate if you guys read this.

When I was 19, I ran away from my home in the province. I sold my pc for a plane ticket to Manila because my friends there promised me that they’d help me find a job. After finding out what I did, my mom was angry and she disowned me because she thought I couldn’t do anything to help her and the rest of my family make ends meet. We stopped talking to each other, and I felt abandoned.

I took up a corporate job here as an administrative assistant and the company I worked for lent me money to buy my first streaming pc, which cost around 65,000 pesos. When I started streaming, my output resolution was limited to 480p and I had to bear with 50+ ping because my internet that time wasn’t fiber. Still, I didn’t stop because this is what I really wanted to do.

There were plenty of times over my first 2 years of streaming that I wanted to give up, and at some points I almost did. I worked for 8 hours during the day before streaming at night, and often I was limited to just 4 hours of sleep. I got depressed because of how hard it was to make this streaming career work and having to deal with living alone.

Throughout this time, I didn’t want to bother my family or ask them for help with my expenses because I promised myself that I’ll only go home once I’m rich so my father doesn’t need to work abroad anymore to pay for my and my siblings’ tuition fees.
To ease my family’s financial burdens was one of my strongest motivators that encouraged me to keep trying to become a better person and keep working hard to succeed in my esports and gaming career. So far, everything has been going well for me. I’m able to sustain myself, and my mom has even accepted my chosen path after she saw how esports and gaming changed me for the better. We’re on good terms now and it makes me happy.

I have so much more I want to talk about and share with you all, but for now I can only give this letter to thank everyone who supported me. I appreciate everyone who makes time to watch and support me everyday. Thank you.

I couldn’t have gotten this far without all of you. I am happy and I promise to keep doing my best.

Thank you!

Mika Daime

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