Mikko signs with Omega Esports as the new Tank Roamer in case Ch4knu decides to take a break, Says Z4pnu

Omega Esports introduces its new member for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 10. Deomark "Mikko" Tabangay will be the team’s new Tank Roamer.


The new addition to the team was announced through Omega Esports’ official social media pages. Mikko was the first pro player to be signed in the organization's Omega Academy program, where he was trained to be a pro player.

Before being added to the Mobile Legends roster of Omega Esports, Mikko first served as the coach for Omega Esports’ all-female squad Omega Empress, who has won three championship titles under his guidance.

Mikko was signed as the new Tank Roamer of the team in case Ch4knu decides to take a break as the iconic Tank Roamer of Omega Esports, Joshua "Ch4knu" Mangilog, previously stated that if the team’s veteran Mid Laner, Patrick "E2MAX" James Caidic, leaves the team, he will leave as well.

“If E2MAX quits, I would also quit. That’s how loyal I am to my team,” he said.

Ch4knu and E2MAX are the only original Execration members that stayed and actively competed under the same team. Z4pnu is also a part of the team but he rarely plays competitively and acts as the face of the team and as a substitute player.

Ch4knu further added that before stepping down, he still has a lot to achieve in his career. “Imagine this, you leave the MPL without reaching Worlds (MLBB World Championship), you still have a lot you need to achieve but you’re quitting… You shouldn’t quit if you haven’t achieved those,” said the Omega Esports roamer.

Z4pnu explained through one of his vlogs that Mikko joined the team as a replacement for Ch4knu in case he decided to take a break.

“We’re trying out Mikko as our Pos5 (Position 5/Roamer) if Ch4knu doesn’t want to play,” stated Z4pnu.

Omega Esports is yet to reveal if Ch4knu will be playing in the upcoming MPL PH Season 10 or not. And on July 9th, the organization has officially announced that Mikko shall be joining the rest as part of the MPL PH Season 10 squad.