Mila the Princess and Two All New Systems Have Arrived in Super Mecha Champions

Super Mecha Champions, released by NetEase Games is highly recommended in the App Store, and has been chosen as the “Google Play Best Innovative Game of 2019” and receiving wide acclaim.

The current S5 Season “Summer Sport Meets” has made the Mecha city even livelier! SMC will receive a new update in July with the arrival of Mila’s new skin and two new systems. It’s going to stir up a Mecha storm this summer.

Super Mecha Champions a.jpg

Beauty and elegance wrapped into one, Mila the Princess is here!

Even under the hottest sunshine, Lady Mila keeps herself fresh and elegant! Mila will don her pink and purple color combo princess dress! The coordination adds elegance while the sleeveless design and bouffant skirt gives graceful radiance.

Super Mecha Champions b.jpg

With one sided braids and a cute crown as the cherry on top, Mila transforms into Mila the Princess bringing a much needed cool breeze to Mecha City!

After the update, Mila’s “Mila the Princess” will become available in the shop! Additionally, players can complete an in-game event to obtain a Mila Skin discount voucher!

Pilots, use the voucher to purchase the new Skin at a cheaper price and give your lovely Mila a new look!

To celebrate the arrival of the new update and S5 season, SMC league will give out random discounts! During July 23rd – July 29th, players will receive discounts which can be used to purchase a maximum of 4 items at cheaper prices!

Introducing two new systems!

Two all-new systems will be implemented in the upcoming update! The Career System is designed for achievement ratings. In matches if players make special appearances, accumulate a certain amount of points or complete designated missions in matches they can receive Career points.

By accumulating Career points, players can receive badges issued by the SMC league and they can show them to other players through either the Badge Wall or Banner Systems. Players can also register in rankings to receive bountiful rewards!

The Banner System records and displays player achievements. Players can customize and decorate the banner and frame by adding badges to create exclusive designs which can be seen by other players!

That’s not all! The Banner System also saves player action. Players can review their games through different views including player or team member’s perspectives.

What a better way to record your greatest performances!

Super Mecha Champions c.png

With Mila the Princess, stupendous discounts and all new systems, we’ll brew up a Mecha storm together this summer as agents of the SMC league bring new Mechas, characters and systems in the near future!

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