Millions of XP lost because of Diablo Immortal Bug

Millions of XP is reportedly lost through a Battle Pass bug in Diablo Immortal even if developer Blizzard have issued a hotfix for the problem.

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Reported by PCGamesN, players said that earlier this month, they weren’t receiving XP rewards for the progress that they have made in the game’s Battle Pass, with some players even losing 5 million XP.

“I completed bounties and finished a battle pass rank,” writes one user. “The XP animation played but the XP bar did not increase at all.”

“I lost more XP this week,” says another. “3 mill last week and 2 mill this week.”

“I lost around 6 levels so far,” writes a third user, with another adding “I didn’t get XP from the last two level ups.”

“So far 2 rank ups on the battle pass and neither gave XP,” says another user. “I thought they said they hot fixed it? Ah man this game lol.”

More reports were made but with varying degrees of the issue. Some players’ Battle Pass works just fine while for others, it works some of the time, but for some players, nothing.

To resolve the issue, a Blizzard community lead posted on Reddit last July 24 that the developers are aware of the bug and was issuing a hotfix, stating “there was a hotfix to address this and the team is going through to calculate each individual’s lost XP through the time periods affected by this bug. We have this data. The XP will be delivered once we go through the data.”

However, even after the update, the bug still persisted and last July 25 players still continue in reporting what has been happening in their Diablo Immortal accounts. Other users have confirmed that the same still happens to them while for some, the bug has been fixed but their lost XP was still not refunded back to them.

"I just leveled my Battle Pass up after the weekly reset and I did not receive any XP for doing so," says The-Crawling-Chaos, on July 25.

“Yesterday evening lost another level thanks to this bug,” writes Alexercer8, on July 26. “Still not fixed.”

“It’s fixed for me,” says Tacosonamonday, “but unfortunately they didn’t reward any XP for previous levels I missed out on.”

With Diablo Immortal facing another big issue, it seems that the problems in the game are never-ending. Previously, the game has faced quite severe criticism from players and critics because of its microtransactions that kept the best upgrades in very expensive loot boxes.