Minana EVOS announced that it will no longer participate in the MPL Philippines

Esports organization Minana EVOS announced on Tuesday, July 10, 2024, that it would officially pull out of the MPL Philippines and release its entire current roster.


"Minana and EVOS have made the difficult decision together that we will no longer participate in the MPL, resulting in the release of the current roster. While we are both proud of what the team has achieved during our time together, we feel it’s best to focus our future efforts separately," Minana EVOS said in a statement.

Minana EVOS (MNNE) is a Filipino-based esports team, formerly known as Nexplay EVOS, under the management of vlogger and streamer Setsuna “Akosi Dogie” Ignacio. Minana EVOS is the result of a joint collaboration between Minana and Nexplay EVOS.

Minana first entered the league during MPL Philippines season 11 after collaborating with Nexplay EVOS, bringing the Minana roster from the amateur league. The following season, the organization rebranded as Minana EVOS and finally secured their first ever playoff spot in season 13.

"From a Minana perspective, while we won’t be participating in the MPL next season, we remain dedicated to the gaming community in the Philippines and will continue to invest in other initiatives that we feel will positively contribute to the community. We look forward to sharing more with you all soon," the organization added.

Minana, made up of young talents and rookies, became a rising team after debuting in the MPL Philippines with their impressive performances. However, even before the playoff stage of MPL PH season 13, Minana was already on the verge of disbandment due to several factors, including financial matters.

Minana’s exit from the league means there will be one vacant slot, which is rumored to be occupied by RRQ Kaito, the MDL Champions. The Serbian esports organization Aurora Esports is also speculated to enter the Philippine esports scene, fielding the players of Blacklist International, who recently announced their departure from the organization.