Minana EVOS secured a spot in the MPL PH Season 13 Playoffs and might be safe from disbandment next season

Minana EVOS might be safe from disbandment next season after winning against ONIC Philippines, securing a spot in the MPL PH Season 13 Playoffs.


Minana EVOS has been having a tough run in their MPL journey in the previous seasons. After winning against ONIC PH, they claimed third place on the regular season MPL PH season 13 leaderboard and secured their ticket to the playoffs.

This will be their first ever appearance in the playoffs since MPL PH Season 9, and according to the team in a post-match interview, they are dedicating their win against ONIC PH to their mid-laner Lance “LanceCy” Cunanan, who recently lost a family member.

Their ticket to the playoffs stage is also a significant one after the popular MLBB personality and the father figure of Minana EVOS, Setsuna “Dogie” Ignacio, revealed that they may disband the team if they fail to secure a spot in the playoffs.


"This is our last hurrah. If they don't perform, I'll disband the whole esports side of mine. This is their chance, and the kids did not disappoint me,” Dogie said in an interview, emphasizing the seriousness of the squad’s situation.

Dogie shared how he takes care of half of Minana’s MPL players’ salaries and other expenses by using his salaries from brand deals. The team was supposed to lay off their talents, but Dogie stepped in and risked saving the team for one more season.

But despite the financial burden, Dogie remains hopeful and supports Minana players all the way through, even sacrificing his personal gains because he wants nothing but the team’s personal and professional growth.

If he will let go of his responsibilities with the team, it could significantly affect the future of the Minana EVOS and may lead to disbandment. But with the team successfully securing a spot in the playoffs, no matter what the result is, we could possibly see Minana EVOS in the next season.

Aside from being in the esports industry since 2012, Dogie is also known as the mentor of now successful MLBB esports athletes like John Paul “H2wo” Salonga, Renejay “Renejay” Barcase, and Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera.