Minecraft Java Edition can now be played on Android thanks to Pojav Launcher

A screenshot of Minecraft Java Edition running on Android has been shared on Reddit and it shows no graphical glitches.

minecraft java.jpg

A user named @ORGAN_STEALER revealed through the comments that Pojav Launcher was the one that made Minecraft Java possible on Android. The developer, Artdeel, specifically made the launcher so that the game can run on mobile devices.

But not only does it allow Minecraft Java Edition to run on mobile, the Pojav Launcher is also able to launch different versions of the game such as version 1.8.9 and version 1.7.3, as revealed by other Reddit users.

Aside from Pojav Launcher, there are more mod launchers that you can use such as Forge, Fabric, and Optifine. You can download Pojav Launcher on Google Play now.

Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox game that Mojang created back in 2011. It soon rose to fame after its launch due to the endless possibilities it can offer as you can bring anything from your imagination to life. It has two different and complex game modes, which are survival and creative. There are also mini-games of the game that are featured in many online community servers of Minecraft.

There are several different versions of Minecraft. Aside from the Minecraft that we know on Android, there’s also the Minecraft Java Edition, which is the original PC version of Minecraft that was launched in 2011. After the PC version, Mojang has brought Minecraft to different platforms such as the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Add to those releases is the mobile version of the game, titled Minecraft Pocket Edition. It was then rebranded to Minecraft Bedrock Edition a few years ago.

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