Minecraft New Update for PC

The PC version update for Minecraft is now available, bringing the console version to near feature parity with the PC version.. The update 1.10 is now ready for download for minecraft players giving a lot of significant changes to the content of the endgame, and adding a brace of new mobs, blocks, and items. Update 1.10 also adds brewing, new tutorials for banners and elytra, and status effects such as levitation and luck.

Players can also now get Elytra, a chestplate-slot item that gives the player wings. While equipped, players can glide from high ledges until they reach the ground, controlling their rate of descent by looking up or down. While a small amount of altitude can be gained by looking up, players will stall if they do so for too long. Elytra cannot be crafted, only found in The End.

Source via gamespot

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