Mineski Allegations, Ex Garena Employee Interview, Ragnarok M Eternal Love Events and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about the Allegation by Scantzor against Mineski's treatment and low salary as well as Mineski's Official statement, Summary of the ex Garena Philippines Interview regarding the office shutdown, Ragnarok M Grand Opening Events, Blade and Soul Revolution for mobile, and finally, Red Dead Redemption 2 opening weekend.

Ragnarok M Grand Opening Event
  • Ragnarok M Eternal Love is now available on SEA, but did you know there are eight events currently happening
  • So if not lets discuss them all before missing out
  • First Event: Adventurers’ gift mission
    • During the first week of the server opening players will be able to accept the “New Adventure” mission
    • which can be obtained on Tylin in Prontera, you won't be able to miss her since she's in the middle of the map
  • Second Event: Double rewards for Training Ground Challenge
    • For the first character on your account
    • players will receive double Eden Coin rewards when you finish the Training Ground Challenge
    • Take note you can only earn double rewards per day
  • Third Event: Time Rift
    • After finishing one time rift the first character under your account will receive “Celebration Lucky Bags”
  • Fourth Event: Kafra, Co.’s presents!
    • If you have premium characters you will be able to claim 3 “Celebration Lucky Bags” from Tylin at Prontera
  • Fifth Event: “Celebration Lucky Bags”
    • During this event the “Celebration Lucky Bags” will be available for sale in the B Coin Store which costs 6 Big Cat Coins
  • Sixth Event: The invasion!
    • During this event there will be a wave of mini bosses coming out in Labyrinth Forest
    • This will happen 4 times a day with 10 mini bosses
    • so make sure you are in a party
  • Seventh Event: Midgard Geographic setting up Bounties!
    • During this event take pictures of oad”, “Rocker”, “Angeling”, “Drake”, “Golden Thief Bug”, “Strouf”, “Deviling”, “Vagabond Wolf”, “Mistress” and “Maya”
    • so you can unlock them on the adventure handbook in which you will be able to claim “Celebration Lucky Bags” from Tylin at Prontera.
  • Eighth Event: Double rewards for Mission Board
    • The first character on your account will get double rewards every time they finish a board quest
  • Those are the eight events currently happening on the game make sure to participate on them to earn more rewards and xp!

Blade and Soul Revolution

  • The mobile version of Blade Soul called Blade and Soul Revolution will launch in South Korea in December 2018
  • This was announced by Netmarble in a conference in Seoul Korea
  • To those who don't know
  • Blade and Soul Revolution is basically the same story and elements found in the PC version
  • The mobile version will also run using the unreal engine 4 so the graphics will be great
  • According to the reports the beta testing will begin on November 15 to 18
  • Unfortunately there was no SEA or Global release mentioned so will have to wait for that one

Garena PH Shutdown Update
  • And here is the update for the shutdown of garena in Philippines
  • in an interview conducted by phreview.tech with an ex garena employee regarding the closing of the Philippines office and with this we got additional information in the matter
  • So what's new?
  • Well for one it's confirmed from an ex garena employee that yes garena ph will indeed close with its operations managed by HQ
  • Its also mentioned that all other Garena offices are closing with the exception for Vietnam and SG
  • As for the main reason the ex Garena employee that it's really due to low profits
  • So why no statement?
  • according to the interview in the last conquerors event Globe gave garena 50 million to use to advertise and sponsor to help regain some profits which did not pan out
  • it is also mentioned that Garena PH is not confident to handle customers and players
  • One of the most notable part of the interview was the mention that Riot Games contract with Garena will be ending soon and that a Riot Games office might open in the Philippines to eventually take over League of Legends
  • Accounts are also said to be not affected however there might be a 3 day downtime when the migration happens
  • So here are the additional information regarding the Garena office what do you think?

Red Dead Redemption 2

  • According to reports Red Dead Redemption 2 is the biggest opening weekend in the entertainment history
  • as it manage to sell 725 million usd in just 3 days
  • In comparison it's even bigger than the release of Avengers Infinity War which is the highest grossing film in history
  • We wish this is the same for all games as this is a major achievement even for gamers

Mineski Scandal and Allegations

  • Recently a former Mineski Analyst “Anthony Hodgson” also known as Scantzor revealed several shocking revelations on how he was treated by the company
  • In he’s medium article he shared Mineski’s company culture as well as how mineski treats its employees
  • So what are the contents?
  • Here we will summarize them for you as well as the response of Mineski to this allegations
    • According to Scantzor the working culture in Mineski is more like a cult and that the company is controlling
    • he explained that he was expected not to have any interaction with other brands like TnC or Tier One
    • Scantzor also mentioned he was reprimanded for for attending Galaxy Battle Season 1 in China
    • Sadly this doesn't end there
    • Scantzor also explained how Mineski treated him as well as other players
    • On which he recounts that he's new housing and accommodation was a nightmare
    • where in the the place doesn't have flushing toilets or even drinkable water
    • Scantzor also revealed the salary of Mineski players in Happy feat
    • saying its less than the minimum wage as the players earned as low as 8,000 pesos per month
    • and that when he mentioned this to the management he was replied with “not understanding the Filipino mentality”
  • This are just some of the things Scantzor shared on his article, so we contacted Mineski regarding this allegations
  • and here is the summary of there official statement
    • According to Mineski the reason his interaction was being limited is due to the competitive nature of their industry
    • The company also apologized to Scantzor regarding his living conditions and that other top executives of the company are staying in the same housing
    • and finally for the employee salary
    • according to Mineski the contacts of the players salaries have been updated to more than the the defined minimum wage defined in Philippines
  • and that's the summary of Mineski statement, what do you think of this issue? honestly it's a bit disheartening