Mineski and Gameloft for brands unleash the power of gamification at the first-ever OREO branded game

Mineski Global, the pioneer esports and gaming company in Southeast Asia, in partnership with leading game developer Gameloft for brands, has amplified its gamification capabilities through the Say It With Oreo (SIWO) gamification campaign, the first-ever OREO virtual event in the region that showcased the integration of the brand into innovative marketing platforms.

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In a bid to define OREO’s competitive edge, Mineski has provided the brand a unique level of visibility in the market by deploying an array of gamification mechanics into their customer experience like never before. Powered by an augmented reality (AR) filter, a branded mini-game was developed to engage consumers in an interactive activity with digital OREO assets by catching the cookies virtually with an open mouth. Mineski also embedded playable ads into the game which would lead the players to the SIWO microsite at the end of every game.

“Mineski Global has seen great success with the gamified AR filter for OREO, generating close to 4 million in impressions and engagement across Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, which was 4x higher than typical engagement rates. With a click-through rate (CTR) of 4.01%, we were able to help Gameloft for brands to double its average CTR record, which is a good indicator that users found the ads relevant,” said Mineski Global Chief Revenue Officer Danny Chang.

Creating an added value to the brand experience, Mineski developed the SIWO microsite—a gamified survey form—to offer players an exclusive opportunity to redeem vouchers with special edition #SayItWithOreo cookies by sharing one’s email address. Users were also given the option to claim vouchers for discounts by clicking through straight to the e-commerce page of each participating country.

“With the SIWO microsite, the brand received a good response rate from players. Our team at Mineski Global realized upon deployment that the size of the reward needed to be shown at the ad page stage to drive more users to finish the customer journey until the e-commerce site. We also recognized the need to shorten the process, optimize assets, and hype the reward to achieve the optimum point of gamification,” said Chang.

Through SIWO, Mineski Global showcased the flexibility of gamification to integrate the brand’s objectives into the campaign execution. Brands can leverage a vast selection of mechanics to drive engagement, such as gamified AR filters, surveys, mini-games or playable ads, sponsored in-game assets, and in-game integration. While gamification takes many different forms, Mineski Global has always aligned the brand’s business goals with the mechanics to ensure a cohesive customer experience.

“The mini-game and microsite enabled OREO to position itself as a gamified, playful brand, reaching a bigger audience in an experiential way. It has not only helped drive engagement but also provided real value to consumers by letting them immerse in a much more compelling experience than passively consuming branded content. We are extremely enthusiastic to be working with Gameloft for brands to touch the lives of many, including brands and consumers, through gamification,” said Chang.

Looking ahead, gamification is poised to permeate more businesses and unlock a world of value for brands. Being on the lookout for the latest trends and gamification mechanics as early as now could be beneficial in building meaningful connections with people and brands.

About Mineski Global

Mineski Global is the pioneer esports company of Southeast Asia that has a track record of holding esports tournaments in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam and the rest of the world thanks to broad and extensive experience in all aspects of esports and gaming since 2004. Mineski Global aims to gamify the world and bring out the gamer from within.

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