Mineski and TnC Ti18 Earnings, TnC New Roster, RoE Pioneer Test extended, CoD Blackout Beta and more

Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about how much Mineski and TnC earned in Ti18, TnC Predator New Roster, IceIceIce, Jabz, and Ninjaboogie Mineski depart, Razer Phone 2, Lunox the Twilight Goddess Skills breakdown, League of Legends major champion projects, RoE Pioneer Test and Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta Period,

Mineski and TnC Team update
  • For our esports update
  • Recently it was announced that IceIceIce, Jabz, and Ninjaboogie will depart from Mineski
  • The team posted a farewell on Twitter thanking them for their time and wishing them best of luck
  • Currently, there are only two players left on the Mineski roster namely "Mushi" and "Moon"
  • So will have to wait and see their next move so basically, there is an opening - lol
  • While iceiceice and Jabz have yet to announce their next moves, ninjaboogie has already been picked up by TNC Predator
  • This was announced on TnC’s facebook post along with the addition of “Gabbi” on their roster

Razer Phone 2
  • For our Tech news
  • Remember the Razer Phone?
  • Well the gaming focused phone is getting a 2nd generation
  • ano ba yan di pa ko nakakabili may bago ng parating
  • This was confirmed by Razer to be in the works
  • The new Razer Phone 2 was also spotted in Geekbench with the Snapdragon 845 processor and 8gb or Ram
  • currently, there are no release date or prices mentioned actually there isn't even a design shown so will have to wait for more details

Mobile Legends
  • Recently Mobile Legends released a new Mage Hero called Lunox the Twilight Goddess
  • So let's breakdown the skills and abilities
    • First off Lunox uses a dual energy system that allows her to change playstyle based on the conditions
    • for example she has Chaos for damage and Order for support
    • so wala ka ng excuse
    • So for her passive skill Dreamland Twist, Lunox does not benefit from cooldown reduction effects however whenever she is filled with darkness energy sha gains magic penetration
    • then if she gets light energy she gains magic and physical resistance
    • For her first skill Starlight Pulse, Lunox cast a rain of starlight on enemies nearby which also restores her HP
    • Then the second skill Chaos Assault, Lunox unleashes as chaos energy that slows down an enemy unit, if this is used on enemy heroes this skills deals 4% bonus based on the enemy Heroes HP
    • Third is the Cosmic Fission, here Lunox will use a fusion of energy in a fan shaped area that deals a magic damage and slows the enemy for 60%
    • Since Lunox can use Light and Dark Energy she has 2 Ultimates moves
    • first is the Power of Order Brilliance where Lunox enters a light barrier that deals magic damage per second which makes here immune and can't be targeted
    • 2nd is the Power of Chaos Darkening
    • Where Lunox blinks in a designated direction dealing magic damage to nearby enemies which gives chaos assault to have no cooldown for 4 seconds
  • So here are Lunox skills and abilities what do you think? is it complicated let us know in the comments!

League of Legends
  • According the to a Riot Games post on the forums
  • The Two new major champion projects are coming to league of legends by the end of this year
  • This means that the Ezreal update and a new champion are coming before the year ends
  • So it will take awhile since there is still 3 more months to go
  • there's not much details shared but according to Riot the next champion will be a “colorful mage”
  • as for ezreal it was revealed to be a visual update and is less focused on the gameplay
  • So what do you think this means? let us know the comments

  • Recently Bandai Namco announced a new browser game based on Naruto
  • The game is called Naruto X Boruto: Borutical Generations - so weird
  • the game will be a turn based combat with chain combo attacks
  • In Borutical Generations players will need to form a team of 4 characters to activate a an ultimate team skill
RoE Pioneer Test
  • Good news for Ring of Elysium players because the Pioneer Test Period has been extended until September 16
  • To those who don't know Ring of Elysium is a Battle Royale game developed by Tencent
  • urrently the test period can be played by Garena users in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau
  • owever if you are in Philippines you can still play the game with this simple steps
    • Visit the link https://pinoygamer.ph/threads/roe-unlimited-rule-pioneer-test-group.5478/
    • Fillup the test registration form no need to add the phone number
    • Then if you are selected open garena client
    • go to settings
    • change the country to Taiwan
    • the select install
    • take note that the test is limited so if you are not chosen you can't play the game and you will have to wait to be whitelisted
    • but based from our experience this shouldn't take long at all
  • lso note that this Pioneer Test is very different from the Thailand beta because now you will be playing in a snow map
  • The plane drop is also no longer in the game must be because PUBG might sue them
  • RoE also removed the contracting circle and replace it with a zone based safe zone which is like grids with abstract shapes
  • So if you want to test the game you can until September 16

Black Ops 4 Blackout
  • To those who want to try the Battle Royal mode of Black Ops 4 called black out well good news because a beta is coming soon
  • The beta will start on Sept 10 for PS4 users followed by PC and Xbox One on on September 14 for those who pre ordered
  • take note the beta on PS4 and Xbox are only for players who pre ordered the game
  • however, if you are in PC like me you can test the game on September 15 as long as you have battle net account
  • To those who don't know this will be the call of duty franchise biggest map
  • and based from the trailer players can battle in the air, sea and land along with zombies
  • Blackout will also feature iconic characters from previous Call of Duty Games
  • The full release date will be on October 12 for those interested

Ti18 Mineski and TnC earnings
  • and for our last update
  • The Dota 2 International has ended making OG as the winner with 11 million usd or more than 590m pesos
  • But did you know how much Mineski and TnC earned?
  • - Well that's what we are going to talk about but before that let's talk about the total prize pool
  • This years The international is currently the biggest in esports history with 25 million usd in total
  • This was partially crowdfunded by the sales of the Dota 2 Battle pass with give players additional content so the more people buy the bigger it get gets
  • Then the rest is from Valve and sponsors
  • So for teams that who made it on the main event they are automatically guaranteed prize money regardless of winning or losing
  • Since this year Mineski and TnC made it to the main event they both earned 499,728 usd or around 26.8M pesos combined - wow
  • akalain mo manalo o matalo millionaryo ka parin pero ang pinaka masya dito for sure BIR ang laking tax nyan lol
  • hopefully this will inspire future esports players and teams in the Philippines as there are bigger prizes on the horizon
  • for example fornite said it will invest 100m prize money on their esports
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