Mineski welcomes CS:GO in the GMPGL Game Rosters


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Jul 10, 2015
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It set the tone of competitive gaming in the country, over a decade ago. Now, after the long wait, it's finally going mainstream again...

Counter-Strike was the Philippines' leading competitive team game before the advent of DotA. The CS scene was so rampant during the early years of the new millenium that every big computer shop housed a CS team, back in the day.

Counter-Strike hooked a lot of filipinos to FPS that it paved the way for when the other FPS games that emerged as competitive gaming continued to develop, not just in the country, but internationally. Because of what CS has provided, Filipinos jumped to the new FPS crazes that sprung every now and then like hot boxes. Truly, it is Counter-Strike thay gave birth to the FPS Progaming scene in the country.

If you'll ask FPS ProGamers nowadays what FPS game they first played, I'm sure that more than 90% of them will answer you with CS.

But even as time goes on, we never lost our love for First-Person Shooters. People continued to play even though the scene was in an indefinite hiatus. Many may have jumped to other FPS games because of the seemingly more lucrative competitive scenes these games offered back then, but deep inside they kept the heart of the CS gamer.

Last year, Valve, The company that developed the engine for the original Counter-Strike, announced that they will be releasing a new version of the beloved game; none other than CS:GO or Counter-Strike: Global Offense. The announcement awoke the FPS giants of old, and almost immediately, majority of the FPS progaming teams tried, if not switched entirely, to CS:GO.

With the recent achievements of Filipinos in CS:GO (Smackdown won ACG 2012) and the rise of CS:GO in the local competitive gaming scene, we have decided to get CS:GO as the first FPS game under the Mineski Pro-Gaming League. The journey was long: getting the license, talking to the right authorites, immersing into the culture.

But now, it's finally official:


We've talked to the biggest names in FPS gaming on what's their thought about the announcement:

"MSI-EvoGT.TNC FPS Team is very pleased that an FPS Game will join GMPGL this year. This will be a big boost to the FPS community in our country. We, MSI-EvoGT.TNC FPS squad will surely be joining GMPGL this year for CS-GO. We've already recruited a Rising Star in the CS-GO Scene, Jason "M4KingPrime" Sison, as I will be sitting down so that I can focus more on the strategies & tactics of the team. Coming from the old school days of counter-strike, I expect to see lots of familiar faces in GMPGL this year. I think it's time for Counter-Strike to be the King of FPS Games once again."

Elgee Gaboy

(Captain of MSIEvoGT, Former member of the legendary FPS Team, Horsemen of the Apocalypse.)

"Yes, expected na talaga gagawa ng paraan yung Mineski na magkaroon ng CS:GO sa GMPGL, kasi naka GOLD yung TEAM PH sa Asian Cyber games 2012 held in Malaysia, kuala lumpur.

Hopefuly maganda yung takbo ng league ng CS:GO dito sa pinas which is GMPGL. Break na po to sa mga PH FPS PLAYER na maenhance nila yung skills nila, kasi d2 sa pinas once a year lang yung malalaking event. Hopefuly there's more upcoming LAN and Online tournament sa CS:GO. to encourage them to play harder and motivate the PH fps player, CS:GO is getting bigger and better game for fps player

I'm very proud of my team, for working hard. we deserved to be one of the top teams of CS:GO PH scene, because of our goal, motivation, and most of all love of the game."

Johnny Peralta

(Captain of Smackdown Esports, ACG 2012 Champions)

"If I may ask my fellow players in CS:GO to support the MPGL scene via registering and competing in their monthly tournaments. This should help and improve our community, as well as bring word to new bloods to try out this newly improved Counter-Strike"

Clive Canlas

(Captain of 1st Generation Alliance, Founding member of Horsemen of the Apocalypse)

GMPGL's main objective is to train Filipino cyber athletes to hone their talents to compete internationally. We always make sure that they can join international events after GMPGL. So we're pleased to announce that the grand champion of GMPGL CS:GO will be the one to represent our country to "The Asia".

But we're sorry to announce that the CS:GO tournament will be a LAN tournament. We've studied the demographics and apparently, Luzon got the highest number of players of CS:GO so we've decided to cater to luzon players to ensure the quality of the tournament. But players of the southern part can still participate given that they can go to the LAN Event. As we've said. Baby steps first.

So you better gear up FPS fans! It's time for Mineski to give you the most explosive FPS tournament! Starting march this year, GMPGL CS:GO will be looking for the Philippine representative. Show us what you've got and take part on the biggest CS:GO league in the country, GMPGL CS:GO.

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Jul 10, 2015
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pansin ko puro mineski nagrerepresent ng PH kada anong online gaming haha tinake over naba nila lahat ?lol
hahaha. sila kasi ung biggest esports company or organization dito sa pinas. so para sumikat ang gaming dito sa pinas gumagawa sila ng paraan para maipakita na maganda ang game na nilalaro nila para makakuha ng iba pang gamers sa atin hahaha my opinion