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May 1, 2019
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Explanation kung bakit nababan siya sa mythic, Introduction: Minsitthar is one of the few fighters with high utility but at the cost of mobility, this makes him highly efficient at both zoning and prioritizing targets thanks to his utility.

MLTL&G Dictionary:
Utility is the ability of a hero to be useful

Although his utility has a good value to offer, it costs him his mobility but thankfully he can easily adapt to the situation around him with build wherein he can easily be an off-tank or a pure damage fighter but do note that his efficiency really lies on what he brings for the team and how the player use him.

General Info: He has a mana bar. A little bit slower than Zilong (265) compared to his 260 movement speed. He has the same movement speed with most fighters yet he doesn't have a mobility skill thus Flicker or Sprint is a necessity.

Skills review:

His passive gives 15 gold to his teammates when he gets a kill and gives 60 gold for himself when his teammates killed an enemy hero

His first skill is a CC skill because it hooks enemies and gives a knock back effect if hooled successfully. This is also an AOE skill because it damages enemies in a straight line.

His second skill is also a CC skill because it stuns the first enemy it hits. This also gives Minsitthar a bit of shield and mobility.

His ultimate skill is a Summon Skill wherein he summons four royal guards to ground the enemies.

Ground means the enemies can not use Directional blink skills...even flicker. He will also gain 30 Physical and Magical Defense while inside the field he summoned.

Emblem Build

1st Build: Assassin Minsitthar (Maximizes the damage of his ultimate skill)

Assassin Emblem

Tier 1: Bravery- Additional physical attack lets Minsitthar deal enough damage for an exchange of blows between enemies at the same time last hit effectively.
Tier 2 Fatal-This minor Crit chance boost gives Minsitthar a very slim edge towards squishy enemies wherein despite the small amount of crit, when it comes it would help a great deal especially when finishing off enemies.
Tier 3: Bounty Hunter- It may seem redundant given Minsitthar's passive and other talents for assassin emblem maybe more viable but Minssithar strives on items as well so the early he gets them, the better.

2nd Build: Fighter Support Emblem Set
(High sustain)

Fighter Emblem
Tier 1: Bravery- Additional physical attack lets Minsitthar deal enough damage for an exchange of blows between enemies at the same time last hit effectively.
Tier 2 Persistence- The minimal hp boost helps Minsitthar gain enough hp to survive early fights without having to worry about investing on items for durability at the early stages of the game. This overall makes him more cost-efficient in terms of his starting items.
Tier 3: Festival Of Blood- Despite Minsitthar not having spammable skills, both his 1st and 2nd skills are good enough for him to sustain through early to mid stages of the game but players should note that the sustain from this is very minimal so they still be wary in terms of engaging and disengaging at the early stages.

Disclaimer: These are not the META emblem set build but this is highly recommended for beginners. Those who already mastered Minsitthar can simply create their own unique emblem set to synchronize with their playstyles.

Item Build

Core Items:
1) Bloodlust Axe- This item gives Minssithar the needed sustain towards his early stages of the game given the huge aoe his skills has but do note this sustain comes in short bursts as his skills aren't really spammable.
2) Endless Battle- This item gives the overall stats Minssithar needs in terms of damage,utility and sustain.
3) Tough Boots/Warrior boots- These boots gives Minsitthar the cost-efficient defensive stats he desperately needs to brawl out his battles with his enemies wherein depending on the enemy composition would dictate which boots to take.
Note: Wizard boots is also a mainstream boots for Minsitthar in the current meta. This helps him to build items faster.

Sub-Core Items:
1) Athena's Shield- This item gives an overall expanded shield for Minssithar as well as durability which players could opt to consider especially when building him as an off-tank/bruiser.
2) Antique Cuirrass- Since Minsitthar would often be at the front lines, Antique Cuirass gives that overall durability to last those battles at the same time give off a debuff towards his enemies.
3) Rose Gold Meteor- If players opt for a more damage build, Rose gold meteor is the item of choice to pick-up as this item overall gives the needed damage as well as magic resist and a shield to boot.

Other optional items
Blade of the Heptaseas - Amplifies the damage of his skills. This is a good teamfight item because it reduces the physical defense of all of the enemies that will be damaged by your skill especially your ultimate skill.
Immortality - For super late game. Especially, this is your second magic resist item when you are on semitank build with two armor, two magic resist, wizard boots, and blade of the heptaseas build.
Blade of Despair - for max damage
Courage Bulwark - for some CD reduction to use your ultimate skill more often. You will also be a support because of the active skill of this item.

Tips & Tricks
1)Minsitthar's 1st skill is rather tricky to use wherein it is hard to estimate around the edge if the spear would connect or not so the best practice for players is always to hit it inside the edge rather than the outer parts as practice and if players get the hang of it they can start practicing hooking players around the edge to maximize its distance and to catch enemies by surprise.

2)Minsitthar's 1st skill does not directly hook enemy heroes at once, it always hooks the last enemy hero it hits which is why it is a great tool to hook squishy targets from the back line to force enemies to play from a bad position/engage. So Minsitthar players should often try to skewer enemies(Hittingmultiple heroes) to catch enemies by surprise that the back line will be hooked rather than the front.

3)Minsitthar's ultimate is a high game changing ultimate wherein it extremely changes the course of battle due to the fact alone that many heroes rely heavily with their dash skills and taking that away from the enemies forces them to play at a tough spot. This ultimate can also be used in many ways such as zoning,engage and disengage so be crafty on how you would use it as once you do, it basically changes the tide of battle.

4)Minsitthar's 2nd ability grants him both shield and movement speed upon hitting a minion,hero or a jungle camp at the same time stuns the ones that get directly hit by it and those around the radius gets knocked back. To make the most use of this utility, practice landing these in creeps where you can indirectly hit enemy heroes as this is one of the few methods Minsitthar can harass. Otherwise practice on hitting them directly.

These tips and tricks are based on the official guide of MLBB created by MLBB Forum Operators. Move on the tayo sa next section wherein I will discuss the other reasons why choose Minsitthar and why he is sometimes banned in higher ranks
Minsitthar is a direct counter to the following heroes:
  • Harith
  • Leomord
  • Chou
  • Lancelot
Para naman sa spell, better use sprint or flicker dahil wala siyang mobility skill.

When to Ban Minsitthar?

Kapag first pick kayo at may Chou user kayo
As of S11 March 2019 META, Kimmy and Harith lang ang auto ban. Kaya ang ibang ban slots ay strategically na ginagamit ng mga teams.

Kapag second pick kayo, wag niyo na i-ban si Minsitthar. I-pick niyo na lang kapag first pick ng kalaban at Chou.
Kapag wala naman kayong Minsitthar user, Ban niyo si Chou.

Higher chance na manalo kayo kapag namaster niyo si Minsitthar and magaling kayong mag-analyze ng situation. Sana nakatulong mga tips sa guide na ito.


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May 1, 2019
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Sorry guys natagalan ako sa pag gawa ng guide so eto na nga yung minsi guide natin. Minsitthar fighter hero one of the best counter sa mga may blinks skills like harith,lancelot,fanny,etc.. dahil sa ult nya may durability din sya + shield + crowd control + hook na pwede tumagos sa minions/creeps.
Para sakin eto best counter sa mga assasin dahil pag tumama ult nya di pwede magblink skill habang nasa range ka ng ult nya.

Emblems: Fighter emblem/Unbending Will or Disabling Strike, 3 Points Magic Defense, 3 Points physical pen.

Tank Emblem/ Tenacity, 3 Points Physical Def or Cd Reduction, 2 Points Physical Def % 1 point Magic Def %.

Sa Fighter Emblem yung unbending will increase damage base sa lost hp mo tama ba? so pag konti na lng hp mo at nagset ka ng ult mataas damage nun. Sa Disabling strike naman may slow effect ult mo kaya increase agad physical attack mo ng 30%.

Sa Tank Emblem naman Tenacity pag below 40% hp po increase physical at magic defense by 30 or 35 points.

Spells: Flicker or Sprint.

Builds: May Dalawa tayong build dito pero note pag magtatank emblem kayo at tank role gagawin nyo sakanya adjust build depende sa kalaban at build nila. Walang permanent build sa Tank.

Fighter Build:

Tough Boots/Warrior Boots
Endless Battle
Blade of Despair
Bloodlust axe
ThunderBelt/Corrosion Scythe
Rose Gold Meteor/Adjust

Sa fighter build spam skill then basic attack para sa true damage galing sa Endless battle or Thunderbelt. Bloodlust spell vamp para may heal pag gumamit ng skills. Blade of Despair more damage para sa Endless Battle at sa passive din neto.

Tank Build: (Adjust Depende sa kalaban at build nila)

Tough Boots/Warrior Boots
Athena Shield/adjust
Antique Cuirass/adjust
Brute force plate/Queen Wings/Adjust

Sa Tank build naman na yan may shield ka galing sa athena shield tapos thunderbelt slow effect + true damage, Oracle hp regen and shield effect increased by 25%, Antique Cuirass reduce attack power ng kalaban, Brute Force plate increase magic,physical defense at movement speed.

(Note: Adjust po depende sa kalaban at build nila)

Tips,Combos & Tricks.

May Combo po sya sa Team fight or gank 1st combo po is 1st Skill + Ult + 2nd Skill. Pag nahook nyo po Ult para disable blink skills habang nasa range ng ult or nasa loob then 2nd skill para po stun may knockback po effect sa likod ng tatamaan ng 2nd skill magkakaroon din po kayo ng shield at movement speed pag tumama 2nd skill. 2nd Combo po 1st skill + 2nd Skill+ Ult so pag tumama po yung hook nyo 2nd skill para stun then ult disable blink skill. 3rd Combo 2nd skill + ult + 1st skill ito pong combo na to medyo risky dahil pag di tumama yung hook sayang agad except kung maganda set ng tank. 4th Combo ULT+ 1st skill + 2nd skill dapat po mapractice nyo hook nya dahil pag nagkamali po kayo after nyo magamit ult nyo sayang lang maganda gamitin yang combo pag maganda pasok ng tank. 5th combo Ult+ 2nd Skill + 1st skill pag set nyo po ng ult follow up ng 2nd skill then 1st skill para di makatakas.

Tips: Adjust po yung mga skills wag basta itap then tamang timing po ng ult. Prediction naman po sa pag hook. Habang hinahabol po kayo ng kalaban 2nd skill po para mastun sila tapos knockback yung nasa likod nila.

Tricks: Pwede po kayo Flicker then ult para mas maabot nyo backline ng kalaban. Hook + Flicker so eto po pinaka favorite ko kay minsi pag hook ko po flicket pasugod para mas malayo yung hook pwede ko maabot backline nila need lng po ng practice dito. Di po gumagana flicker hook na katulad kay franco or ruby.

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