Mission Zero – NetEase reveals 2 vs 4 mobile game

Last week, NetEase released Mission Zero, a new smartphone game for the Chinese market that combines the spy and action genres in one game. Players will be able to choose between two factions: Mobius or Sirius, in these 2 vs 4 games.


Insider Daniel Ahmad shared interesting information: the Chinese corporation NetEase Games is developing the Mission Zero mobile game. It's in the stealth genre, but there will be battles as well. The development is being done by a Shanghai studio. It includes people who worked on Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell. The trailer immediately shows: the guys are trying to make their own Hitman. According to Daniel, NetEase continues to look at console and PC projects, adopting successful ideas from them and transferring them all to the mobile plane. That is, it will be a shareware game with social aspects.

If we talk about the game mode, then these will be the battles of the players in the "2v4" format. Does this mean that some will represent rich Mafiosi, and others - secretive killers? One way or another, the trailer shows that the assassins will fight each other for the loot.





For the stealth party, The game features various systems that support Stealth play, including holographic camouflage, trapping, and a wide variety of gameplay strategies. As for the defense side, there will be various trapping devices to use as well.

NetEase claims that Mission Zero is a giant game of the camp. Designed to allow the game to display more than 100 characters at the same time. And they insist that this game will be a fresh and fair format, no top-up for good or Pay to Win. Mission Zero is a mobile game from Netease that the former team of stealth games like Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell developed.

Mission Zero will be released on iOS and Android. It is unclear if this will be a global release or a theme for China. For now, we are waiting for new information on Tank Company Mobile, another NetEase Games project. However, the game does not have a definite launch date yet.
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