Miya and Alucard's Revamp Reveal On Mobile Legends' Project NEXT update

Moonton is really taking all the effort counts in delivering the next major upgrade of their immensely popular MOBA, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In the recent episode of their Project NEXT where they reveal the upcoming grand rework and revamps in the said game, two heroes were put into the spotlight as they unveil the details on the changes on their appearance and most importantly, the modifications on their skill set.

Miya and Alucard.jpg

First to be discussed in the episode is Miya; one of the popular Marksmen in ML especially for beginners who want friendly-user heroes. Miya is considered by many as a staple mascot and ML and yet she is among the hero who is lagging when it comes to buffs from the previous patch update. This makes her among the least used and least effective heroes against the new heroes in ML despite her killer skill sets.

But now things will get better for Miya for future updates. Base on Project NEXT's revamped, Miya will get a total makeover on her appearance which she truly deserves as the ML will also undergo enhancement when it comes to its graphics soon. Also, the lore revolving around her will also give enough attention to make her background interesting to the players.


The most important part of her revamp is the changes in her skills which makes her stand once again toe-to-toe with other heroes. Her passive skill Turbo was enhanced as it not only giver her a massive ASPD buff; once you reached its full-stack boost, Miya will summon a clone of her that will join her dishing major damage to her opponents.

Her Rain of Arrows skill will also receive a significant change as it becomes a much deadly control skill. After hitting your opponent from above, the skill's damage will also spread to other nearby enemies while also retaining its immobilizing effect. These changes make Miya a dangerous foe whoever hero you use in the game.


The carry hero Alucard, like Miya, has also granted a gorgeous amount of revamps. This hero was popular for anyone who wanted to ace a 1v1 duel due to her lifesteal skills as well as his high damage output that makes him a force to reckon even if you are a Tank. Alucard received also a new artwork and avatar design that makes him cooler than ever on the battlefield.

Since he is considered as among the best solo duelist, his passive was tweaked a little bit for that sole purpose as its damage multiplier will not be spread anymore to other enemies but instead will provide a single damage output to a single target now.

This makes him the real deal in 1v1. His ultimate skill also turns him into a non-stop damage dealer not just for one but to multiple enemies caught on its area of attack. Instead of lifesteal, it triggers his passive to those enemies the moment he activates another skill.

Project NEXT is Moonton's way of taking its flagship game to the next level with a major overhaul when it comes to the graphics and gameplay. It's proof that Moonton not only wanted to make ML the reigning dominant force in MOBA game but also giving the players nothing but the most quality game experience they deserve.