ML Dev Diary: Skyhook, the designer of battlefield experience and hero balance

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Jul 7, 2019
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Hi there! It's me, Skyhook, the designer of battlefield experience and hero balance.

It's been a while since Project NEXT went live in the game. I believe most of you must have tried out the revamped heroes by now. We're glad to see that you like them and their soaring pick rates in ranked matches. Also, Cyclops, Vale, Ruby, and other heroes who have been tweaked recently are gaining more and more attention from players. Every hero deserves our attention, that what we always believe in.

Our next topic is the follow-up plan about old hero adjustment.

First off, Reforge Your Legend event is coming to an end. Karina has occupied the top place since the first round of voting, who, without doubt, will be the first hero to be revamped decided by players. We are currently working on the revamp plan for Karina. A reborn version of Karina will be available for you in several months in Advanced Server.

Although it will take some time for Karina's revamp, I believe many of you have already experienced the refreshed Lapu-Lapu and Clint in Advanced Server. Soon they'll meet everyone in Official Server. Hope that they could bring you an entirely different experience.

These are the heroes whose skills have been redesigned significantly, but in addition, we didn't forget those underpowered heroes and are still optimizing them. You're also welcome to leave your opinions about the unsung heroes.

Lastly, I have a surprise for you all, besides Karina, there is another hero that has been eagerly anticipated will be added to the revamp list in a few months. Have a guess?

So much for today's talk. Have fun in the Land of Dawn and see ya next time!