ML Guides And Strategy for Newbies


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May 11, 2015
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Mobile Legends guides And strategy for newbies

I.Hero Selection
- The team must always balance having 1 mage only 1 marksman 1tank 1 fighter and 1 assassin or use support instead of mage or assassin

II.About Laning
- 1 Mid 2 Top 2Bottom
- Mage or Marksman always play on mid

III.About Jungling
- It is best to clear lane first before killing jungle monster
- Always keep in mind defending the lane or backing up a near team mates is the top priority yung iba kasi dyan nakukuyog na kasama ubos na lahat ng tore nagjujungle paren

IV.About Team Fight
- Always Kill for Hitter first such as mage and marksman or assasin before killing the tank or fighter may iba kasi saten na kinukuyog tank ng kalaban kaya hitter nila puro naka freehit at sa huli kawawa tank naten namatay para lang mapatay ng hitter nya yung tank
-Always retreat if your team will failed on a team fight it is best to retreat than to become feeder lol.

V.About Lord And Turtle
- It is best to kill lord only when 3-4 of enemy is dead and your team still have 3-5 alive
- It is best to check the map first before killing the turtle to prevent the enemy to ks the turtle

VI.About Gank
- Best Strategy for this is one must lure the enemy and the 3 must hide near the one who lure enemy and then go for gank but remember assassin must launch attack behind the enemy so even they have tank your assassin will kill the hitters at their back

VII.Other Trick For Heroes And In-Game
- Q: How To Hunt Natalia? Or how to know if Natalia is near in you?
A: Simple you can know if Natalia is near in you when you hear a sound that sound is same when Natalia gains her invisibility (like this sound -> shhhhh)

- Q: Why Franco Hook Me In Turret Even Hes Not Near In Their Turret?
A: He uses flicker hook trick (how it is work? After you cast the hooking skill fast click backward direction the flicker spell).

- Q: How To Rank Up Fast In Rank Match?
A: Simple your team host must be 1 division tier below in your sample if you are an elite your team host must be in warrior tier so that you enemy division tier will be in warrior and elite but if you are elite become a team host your enemy division tier will range from warrior to master.

Like if this simple guided help you to improve your gameplay thanks: )

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