ML Hero Guide: Lapu Lapu the Great Chief


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Sep 20, 2018
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Hero Review:This Unique hero can deal crazy dmg for a sec.In heavy sword state+Crit dmg,he can deal a basic atk dmg equal to 2k to 3k dmg.If his 2 ultimate hit you,expect to be shredded.Fighter/assassin,he is more tankier than the infamous alucard.Watch out!He might not that COOL but can be COLD.

PASSIVE:lapu gains a stack for each time he hits an enemy hero.after completing 5 stack,he will charge the enemy hero with basic atk that deal additional dmg(cannot be crit).additionaly he will gain a shield that absorb a very high amount of dmg.
2sword state

Skill1:he will throw his 2 flying sword in a mid-range forward that deal dmg and deal again dmg when the blades are returning to him.

Skill2:He will dash forward that deal dmg to enemy.when this skill hits an enemy,he will gain additional movement speed.

Ultimate:He will combine his 2 sword and slam it to the ground dealing dmg to enemies and stunning them for 0.7 sec.additionaly,while activating this skill,incoming dmg will reduced.after using this skill,you will enter the heavy sword state.

Heavy sword state
(In heavy sword state,his basic atk will be greatly enhanced,also increasing his phy. And mag. Defense.)

Skill1:lapu cast out a giant wheel blade forward,slowing the enemies.
Skill 2:lapu whirls his blade dashing forward dealing dmg to enemies

Ultimate:LapuLapu viciously swing his heavy sword around him dealing great dmg.


(I finally get into him after practicing 20-30 games.Each build i'll gave have important combo,I spent days checking in practice mode,do i have a future being analyst?haha)

(These two worn blade has drowned their fill of blood)

  • BladeOfHeptaseas
  • RapidBoots
  • BladeOfDespair
  • EndlessBattle
  • Berserker'sFury
  • MaleficRoar/Endless/Immortality
  • (CoreItem:Heptaseas,BoD,BF)



The combo's purpose is to use the bladeofheptaseas for greater dmg for his ultimate and true dmg+crit.
He is one of the deadliest assasain.assassin like gusion and selena&natalia is PAPER if you use this build.This build combo in total can deal 4k dmg in 1.3/1.5sec(By using all the skill). Not including the critical BA.this build and combo goes well with his assassin role.If there is a good tank to assisst you,savage can be promised.Well,he do lack in durability in this build but he gain shield and resistance in heavy sword state which will make it up for him.when the enemy line up is full of powerful burst mage like pharsa gord eudora,remove malefic roar and buy immortality or roseGoldMeteor.

(Enemies are many,And I am alone,But with one slash,I'll kill them all!)
  • BladeOfDespair(BoD)
  • WizardBoots/WarriorBoots
  • BladeOfHeptaseas(BH)
  • BloodLust(BL)
  • EndlessBattle
  • WingsOfApoQueen/rosegoldMeteor
  • (CoreItem:BoD,BL,BH)


Simple just cast out all the skill.


With flicker

The build is a bit tankier than the other but still has the ferocity because blade of despair is the first item and followed by heptaseas.And He also gain some endurance when low in hp.

Fight!along with my blades!

Fighter Build
  • BloodLust(BL)
  • Tough/WizardBoots(GoldDigger)
  • BruteForceChestplate(BFC)
  • EndlessBattle(EB)
  • BladeOfDespair
  • WingsOfApoQueen
  • (Core:BL,EB,BFC)


Hola!this build provide enough durability from BFC andWings.The BFC is perfect for lapulapu since he can cast out many skill in few sec.U might have noticed,EndlessBattle is one of his core Item in every build since he cast out many skill.This build also provide 30%CDR which is good for continous skill spam.I put the BoD in the fourth Slot since the focus of this build is more durabilty since lapu can still deal great dmg withOut BoD.We remove the blade if heptaseas because of our durability focus.

Skill Combo

I dont know why less people see the potential of this hero,especially the filipino players.If you look at it,this hero havent been nerfed but buffed in the last patch while he's too dangerous before being buff.this hero is truly a perfect examlple of a fighter assassin since he can deal so much dmg in a sec compared to other fighters and assasain.The only downside with him is that he dont have any cc skill except for his ult,but that explains why he is a fighter assassin.This hero is A MUST TO HAVE.This hero's carrying capacity is high,even greater than argus,alucard,zilong and other fighters.For those who want to reach EPIC rank,this hero is a MUST for you.He isnt that hard to play.For Me,I believe they almost have the same difficulty with alucard.Cmon guys better use this hero to increase also his popularity.dont you know,lapu lapu seems dont have any skin survey??its because a few people plays him.I admit he lacks the coolness like alucard and gusion but have the coldness same with hanzo etc.For lancelot users who stopped using lance(because of nerfs)I recommend this hero since their both skills are AoE(Area of effect).I dunno if they removed him from hero fragments but if not,better buy him already.Oh,Forgot,the best partner for him is diggie and angela.(CC immunity+shield from diggie and shield+heal from angela)

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