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May 11, 2015
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Hi po mga ka-ML-senpais hahahaha. Share ko lang po idea/suggestion ko po sana for new hero. Matagal ko na po tong naisip at gustong i-submit kaso di makagawa ng character design kasi wala na po kong phone ngayon (di rin makalaro huhuhuhu, puro stream nalang) tsaka nawala yung unang version ko po ng plan xxx.

Hero design reference: Yamanbagiri Kunihiro (from Touken Ranbu), with round eyeglasses parang kay diggie, replace katana with alchemy book. (Photo credits to the respective owners)

Skill effects inspiration: Golden Sun



The Alchemist


Passive: Elixir of Life and Immortality
Revlis recovers a 10% of his total hp and receives a drop of elixir in his vial for every assists and kills he gains (1 drop per assist, 2 drops per kill) up to 10 drops. Collecting 10 drops will give Revlis immortality effects with similar cooldown do item. Getting slain will empty his vial.

First Skill: Alkahest Soul (10 seconds CD)
Revlis dissolves himself into the elemental stars. granting him +20% movement speed and immunity to CC effects for 3 seconds while dealing [] magic damage to and slowing down enemy units within the skill area. He also deals an additional [] magic damage to enemies still within the skill range when Revlis returns to his human form, stunning them for 1.5 seconds. (Skill duration increases per level.)

Second Skill: Philosopher's Stone (9 seconds CD)
Revlis throws a philosopher's stone to the designated area, turning enemy units into gold, stunning them for 1 second while dealing [] magic damage. Slaying an enemy while in golden state grants 50 gold to the killer, plus an additional 10 gold to every assist.

Ultimate: Elemental Stars: Origin (90 seconds cooldown)
Everything shall return to where they once belonged. Revlis calls and gathers all four elemental orbs into one in order to retrieve their long lost powers, allowing Revlis to copy any skill set and basic attack from any enemy heroes of his choice for 15 seconds while marking the specified hero with the mark of stars. Marked hero's location will be visible to allies during the skill duration. Slaying the marked hero will decrease this skill's cooldown by 20 seconds while getting an assist reduces cooldown by 10 seconds. Any damage dealt while in Origin state will be magic damage.


Hero Selection:
"Uhm... Do you need me to do anything for you?"

Hero Movement:
"Metals can be turned into gold. Can hate be ever turned into love?"
"That girl in Dr. Baker's lab... I wonder what her name is."
"Air, water, earth and fire."
"Do you belief in destiny?"
"Have you ever wished upon a shooting star?"
*hums twinkle little star*
"I help Dr. Rooney on his experiments."
"When you're lost in the night, just look at the stars."
"The stars will guide you."

Hero Ultimate:
"Ne super stellas fulgebunt nobis. (Let the stars shine upon us.)"

Hero Death:
"I- I'm sorry..."
"Gold is nothing, if we do not have love..."
"I don't want to... go."


In the middle of a mirage forest lies the secret laboratory of Dr. Rooney. As he roams within the forest in search for the ideal wood for his next invention, he heard a child's cry. He walked towards the cry's direction. He found a baby in a basket covered with a royal blue cloth, with hair as yellow as gold, and eyes as blue as the cloth he is covered with. Rooney decided to keep the child and raise him for himself, yet left him unnamed for a certain reason. At a young age, the unnamed child learned and started to read and write.

During their visit to Dr. Baker's laboratory, he laid eyes on the most beautiful human-creation he ever saw: A synthetic body with a living soul, on which the most heart-touching stories and love is programmed into, something he believed that couldn't be obtained with any amount of wealth in this world. Seeing the boy's admiration on his work, Dr. Baker decided to give him a book about alchemy, leaving him a task to discover and find an answer to a question he is bounded to answer in the future.

Back to their own secret laboratory, he started to wonder what the girl's name was. Name, something he himself doesn't have. He immediately ran to Dr. Rooney to ask for the reason. Dodging the truth that behind the child's real story, he answered that he wanted the child to choose one for his own. The child scans through the book he received through the book he received from Dr. Baker. "Silve- Revlis," he uttered, saying that the first word that caught his eyes was silver, but it will be ironic to name himself Silver while he has a golden hair. Thus, naming himself "Revlis" instead.

Time passed and Revlis grew up to a young yet knowledgeable man. He works as Dr. Rooney's lab assistant, while he studies deeper about alchemy on his own efforts. One time while studying alchemy, Revlis deciphers an ancient code written in the book, summoning four different colored orbs regarded as the "four elemental stars of alchemy," containing pure essence of the four basic elements: air, water, earth, and fire, where everything is believed to have existed from according to alchemy. The discovery boosted up Dr. Rooney and Revlis's research on the origins.

Everything went smooth and fine, but not until rumours were received that Dr. Baker's Lab was raided. Revlis immediately remembered the synthetic life form, and asked Rooney to summon him to scout the location and help Dr. Baker. Dr. Rooney, aware of the dangers in the outside world, decided to let Revlis go, even though he didn't want to risk his one and only child.

Revlis journeys into the Land of Dawn to assist and rescue Dr. Baker, as well as to find the source of his great curiosity, with his newly discovered powers of Alchemy.
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Great Creativity of your mind.You should talk to moonton.The appearance,the skills,the details,i would like to see it in the new hero spotlight on a patch note in the future.