ML Magic Chess: Some tips to Win


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Mar 11, 2020
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Need Gold?
-Save 10 coins in the first 3 rounds for +2 coins early in the rounds meaning limit your buying how? Know your synergy. Save 20 coins after the Initial rounds to have +4 coins every round, dont use them! ONLY use them if you feel your gona die.
- Have the Eruditio synergy for random 1-3 coins every round, sell them if you feel rich(if they’re not included in your synergy)

Look at that gold difference!

Positioning is very Important late game! Dont put your hitters infront of sandbags such as Argus. Look at your opponents positioning, put your hitters infront of the most squishy frontline hero of you opponent.

Treasure/Monster rounds
Get the level up in 2nd round treasure
Pick the things that complement your synergy or hero basically
Emblem first before items, complete your synergy! Look at the picture above
Me 90 lineup value with synergy > Enemy 122 line up value with less synergy
That 32 difference is big!

see the synergy! I got 2 mm but 6 mm synergy, It proves my point.

less complete synergy > more incomplete synergy
Meaning maxout your synergy not buy random heroes!

some of my planned out synergies;

This will help you win but not 100% this is 50% skills and 50% luck.
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