ML Philippines Season 3 Top Eight Primer

Guild of Guardians
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - Philippines Season 3 Top Eight Primer, The MPL-PH Season 4 will kick off with a two-day online qualifier for all hopefuls all over the country. The survivors of this tournament phase will then proceed to the offline qualifiers where two of the best squads will be rewarded with a ticket to compete in the regular season alongside the top eight placers of the MPL-PH Season 3—SGD Omega, Execration, No Limit, Ownage, EVOS PH, Cignal Ultra, Bren Esports, and of course, the defending champions, ArkAngel.

ArkAngel - The defending champions
Two of the most evident ingredients to ArkAngel’s recipe for success last season was the addition of ex-Execration mainstay Jeffqt4ever’s wide hero pool and skillset, as well as the insights of former-professional-player-turned-coach Brian “Panda” Lim. On their way to the top, ArkAngel redefined the local meta by bringing Indonesia’s iconic objective-based playstyle, which prioritizes taking towers and map objectives over aggressive teamfighting.

ArkAngel Team Members / Roster
  • Kyle “Ryo” Berceño
  • Jason Rafael “Jay” Torculas
  • Allan “Lusty” Castomayor
  • Jeff Franklin “Jeffqt4ever” Anaya
  • Ashleymarco “Killuash” Cruz
  • Patrick “E2MAX” Caidic (Sub)

Bren Esports - The consistent top-placers
The Mobile Legends scene in the Philippines has a tongue-in-cheek saying: “Bren lang malakas”. In three seasons, which included one championship trophy and two second-place finishes, Bren Esports have successfully established themselves as the country’s current best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang squad. They are known for their coordination in team fights, although not as much now compared to before due to what seems to be communication issues.

Bren Esports Team Members / Roster
  • Carlito “Doc Ribo” Ribo
  • Yuji “Yuji” Aizawa
  • Jeniel “Haze” Bata-annon
  • Ralph Mico “Coco” Sampang
  • Ephraim “Ejhay” Sambrano
  • Nathanael “Emperor” Teodoro

Cignal Ultra - Coming from a heartbreaking season
Known for their impressive ability to win games after being behind, Cignal Ultra once played under the shadow of Bren Esports, until they dethroned the former kings themselves to take the MPL-Philippines Season 2 championship title. Last season, however, Cignal Ultra not only lost to Bren Esports before the finals but they also failed to defend their title in the process against ArkAngel.

Cignal Ultra Team Members / Roster
  • John Erwin “Yakou” Magno
  • Angelo Kyle “Pheww” Arcangel
  • Marc Danielle “Dee” San Luis
  • Mark Exequiel “Dysania” Cruz
  • Lester “Tets” Santos
  • Mark Jayson “Eson” Gerardo (Sub)

EVOS Esports PH - The repeat fourth-placers are starting to get serious
Biting at the heels of the top three teams is EVOS PH. These guys secured back-to-back fourth-place finishes for the last two seasons of the MPL-Philippines, but more should be expected of them especially after most of their members quit their day jobs to pursue full-time gaming after receiving a sponsorship from renowned Southeast Asian esports organization, EVOS.

EVOS PH Team Members / Roster
  • Dexter Louise “DEXTER” Alaba
  • Archi “KILLER” Faldas
  • Reiniel “HONDA” Encisa
  • Salic “HADJI” Imam
  • Karl Milton “DOOFEN” Feliciano
  • Kristoffer “BONCHAN” Ricaplaza (Sub)

Sunsparks (Former No Limit) - Carried by their young ace
No Limit emerged from last season’s grueling open qualifiers to a decent 5th-6th place finish. The potential of this team is in the prowess of their star player, Kielvj, a 14-year-old wunderkind who claimed and proved that he can school anybody who lanes against him, especially when given his signature hero, Thamuz.

Sunsparks (Former No Limit) Team Members / Roster
  • Christian “Rafflesia” Fajura
  • Cedrie “Fuzaken” Pasusani
  • Kiel VJ “Kielvj” Cruzem
  • Renz Errol “Renzio” Cadua
  • Jaypee “Jaypee” Dela Cruz
  • Francisco “Eskii Flexx” Antillon (Sub)

Ownage - The quiet dark horse
Ownage may have a history of playing from the brink of elimination, but it's never wise to count them out of the competition. The problem, however, is that Ownage doesn’t seem to have a distinct playstyle yet nor enough of a showing in the previous seasons to make themselves any team’s rivals. For the moment they are just quietly paddling along in the bottom-middle of the pack.

Ownage Team Members / Roster
  • Willard “Lard” Verzo
  • Cydryck Kayle “Cktd” Doria
  • Paul Ian “Beemo” Sergio
  • Lemuel Josh “Lembot” Lucban
  • Nicoli Emmanuel “Nicsu” Montenegro
  • Rainiel “Inyel” Ramirez (Sub)

Execration - Streamer Z4pnu’s team
Execration has always been a famous squad in the community thanks to their Mobile Legends: Bang Bang community figure, Z4pnu. Their popularity, however, hasn’t translated into a decent result as they finished the past two seasons of the MPL-PH far from the finals.

Execration Team Members / Roster
  • Billy “Z4pnu” Alfonso
  • Dian Felix “Dian” Cruz
  • Jomie “Pakbet” Abalos
  • Jeff Lenjesson “Maeeeeee” Subang
  • Joshua “Ch4knu” Mangilog
  • Jay Lord “Hate” Gonzales (Sub)

SGD Omega - Underdogs with the miracle wins
SGD Omega became famous the past two seasons for delivering an upset against Bren Esports and even making it to top 3 in season 2. Otherwise, their performance has been inconsistent but these two feats so far have proven they have at the very least the potential to be a top team. This season, SGD Omega needs to make up for ending last season in a disappointing 7th-8th place finish to prove that their best wins haven’t just been “tsamba”.

SGD Omega Team Members / Roster
  • Jahaziel Jay “Crypzu” Villanueva
  • Kenneth Jiane “Kenji” Villa
  • Karl Gabriel “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno
  • Adrian “Toshi” Bacallo
  • Earvin John “Heath” Esperanza
  • Ivan “Ivan” Gacho (Sub)

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