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Jan 18, 2020
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Ola! I am an old DOTA 1 player and current MLBB player (Highest Rank achieved: Mythic) but because of the poor network service in our province, I am looking to switch to Black Desert Online. I have a Steam account (only DOTA 2 installed but not playing) and tried to purchase BDO but requires Paypal (which I haven't set up yet). So I went to BDO's website to try the 14-day free trial and purchase the game from there but it looks like PH is restricted from playing the game.

Anyone who can help me to play Black Desert on my Windows PC? My laptop fits the OS requirements of the game. I don't mind purchasing it as well. Thanks in advance to everyone! Let's have a great time here!

P.S. BDO mobile is not an option. My phone is reserved for playing ML because we join tournaments. After almost 4 years of playing, I find the game to be very sensitive in terms of memory storage and network connection. So yeah, BDO on my PC I like more.

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