ML Tips Countering Claude and Dexter


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May 1, 2019
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Im just give some simple tips.Note that this is based on my gameplays and observations from game streams and experimentations. Some tips might have a chance that you've watched it on youtube and you might say im just copying or mimicking or whatsoever.I dont have load today im using free data(lol). Always remember the world is full of coincidence and we all have brains ;-) and wonders.

First is Countering His 2 Builds

Anti DemonHunter Items.Use this items to counter him.
  • athena's Shield
  • RoseGoldMeteor
  • WindOfNature
  • Immortality

Anti Scarlet-Fury Items
  • DominanceIce
  • AntiqueCuirass
  • WingsofApoQueen.

The DemonGunter Item relies on basic attacks.The Demon Hunter's main passive is devouring enemy's hp by 9% every basic attacks.I figured that the DemonHunter's Passive Dont work on Item's Shield(same with shield passive and aegis).The Demon Hunter's passive dont work on the shield since its not hp.It means that if Claude use this Item while youre in a "shieldedState",Claude should deal with the Shield first,relying only in his basic atk

(Logical Explanation:Claude is the Eater and Youre The Boiled Egg.He needs First to remove youre shell Before Eating You)

The Scarlet-Fury Items are deadly because of critical dmg.Dominance Ice Have A 5%Critical Reduction which helps you atleast lessen Claude'Critical Chance. The Antique Cuirass Helps you To Reduce Claude's Atk power which it helps greatly.Reducing Atk power Means reducing Critical Dmg.Wings Of apocalypse Queen reduces Dmg received when low hp.Its good for surviving Claude's assault.

Countering His Attack Speed

Claude relies On basic Attack which means he also rely on attack speed.Claude actually have a insane attack speed.

Anti AttackSpeedItem
Same actually.Dominance Ice is the counter Key Item.Dominance' Artic Passive lower The Attack speed of Any Close enemy around you.The WarriorBoots is one of the best boots countering marksmen.The passive is Every time enemy attacks you with basic atk,youre defense rise up. I forgot if the passive gives you a maximum of 25 physical defense but thats what I think.So When Claude have higher attack speed,you will Easily trigger the Warrior Boots' passive.

Countering Claude With The CC Heroes
Claude's Ultimate is the real deal.He And Dexter launches a barrage of basic atks with increased dmg.But Claude's Ultimate is Vulnerable to KnockUp effect.(Confirmed-HororoChan)

The 2Counter Gods can easily stop him dancing with dexter.Chou's KnockUp effect and Saber's Signature Ultimate.

Similar Counters
  • Minotaur's Ultimate
  • Martis' MortalCoil's Knock up
  • Tigreal's SacredHammer KnockUp
  • Alpha'sUltimate
  • Lesley's TacticalGrenade
  • Gatotkaca'Ulti
  • Kadita's knock up skill
  • Unique Counter: Nana

Recommended Tank for Countering Claude
Tigreal, Yup Tigreal is the Best tank to counter him. Tigreal's passive(look for my tigreal guide for reference) plus His Knock Up skill makes him the perfect tank to Confront Claude.I'll Also Give my personal Anti Claude Build.You can equip it with the other tanks.Tested and trusted
  • Athena'sShield
  • WarriorBoots
  • DominanceIce
  • AntiqueCuirass
  • BladeArmor
  • WingsofApoQueen/SkyGuardian Helmet

The build I Gave you Helps you Easily Enter Claude's Ultimate without worry.TheBladeArmor Also serves as your "CACTUS' armor.

Sorry mejo di ako energized ngaun.Sa mga nagaantay nung mga khufra guide lets wait for Zer legendBeast.Dun nmn sa gatotkaca ihohold k muna ung guide kong yun.bka gusto kc nung isa pang admin i post yun eh.anyways yan lng po muna guide ko ngaung araw