ML Tips in carrying a game AD or AP


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May 11, 2015
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Tips in carrying a game. ( AD or AP )

Tip no.1 Avoid getting killed.

Tip no.2 Push first in your lane so you can gain advantage on 1v1

Tip no.3 If you finished pushing at your lane. Visit other lanes to gain pressure.

Tip no.4 Make sure that you are the source of damage at team fight.

Tip no.5 If you have no advantage on 1v1 or team fight. Kill some minions (More) cuz it can help you to get some enough gold so you can build fast even na baog ka.

Tip no.6 If the adcs have a great positioning on free hitting, make sure to kill them fast because it can cause more damage.

Tip no.7 If your team has no advantages in team fight and you are the only one that they can count on, start a riot but REMEMBER kill adcs first if they have a good positioning and damage dealing.

Because once you killed them you and your team can deal on fighters even they have no enough damage unless you are the source of damage and can trust with.

Tip no.8 Encourage your teammates. Don't say to them " Ang bobobo niyo at iba pa" because it can discourage them so they'll get tired on defending towers. Kahit na mahina ang damage nila atleast makakatulong sila mag def.

Tip no.9 Segway or Lore them. If you THINK they have a strength on battling at team fight even it is 4v5. You can do a segway or split push.

Tip no 10
If you are a game carrier. Make sure to keep an eye on the lord. Because sometimes it is right or wrong to kill it because of assasination or gank. Before you kill the Lord all by your self or the whole team, make sure that they lost 3 to 4 teammates on 5 of them.

Tip no 11 Just follow all the steps, and tilt or carry the game all by yourself